Aircraft interior
Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace), through its US affiliate company, VT San Antonio Aerospace (VT SAA), has secured a contract to perform interior reconfiguration cabin services on the Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet. This follows in line with a previous contract in June 2017, when ST Aerospace agreed to provide services for heavy maintenance on the Canadian operator’s 787 fleets.

ST Aerospace has already supported Air Canada through many cabin upgrade programs, including turnkey solutions in engineering design, certification, kitting, and modification. This is not the only contract ST Aerospace has secured. It was announced that the company also signed a five-year exclusive contract for heavy maintenance support with Lufthansa Cargo. The contract is worth $30 million.

The Boeing 787 aircraft  Dreamliner is the first airliner with an airframe constructed primarily of composite materials and was designed to replace the 767. VT SAA is one of the leading service providers of maintenance and modification for mainline and regional aircraft in North America. In 2017, VT SAA became the first maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility in the Americas to perform C-checks on the 787. VT SAA has redelivered ten 787 aircraft across two heavy maintenance lines and more than 3,000 aircraft in its redelivery track record.

ST Aerospace will be showcasing its MRO capabilities and other aerospace solutions at the Singapore Airshow 2018 from February 6-11. ST Aerospace is a subsidiary of ST Engineering with vast MRO capabilities for both commercial and military aircraft through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and investments. It is the largest independent, third-party airframe MRO provider in the world.

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Introducing a new broadened program for extensive MRO services for three large aerospace companies. All being apart of a new program called Lessor Care. The programme will include companies such as AerCap, Avalon and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise. Rolls Royce’s main goal is to be able to bring their resources all into one place for easy access for their participating customers. All three companies have Rolls Royce’s Trent- powered aircrafts for which they are eligible for the programme.
Rolls Royce has in mind to be able to “drawing together a range of services under one simple, flexible and comprehensive framework".
They vow to keep aircrafts maintained to keep the aircrafts working and generating revenue. Also standing by their work to be able to minimize downtime for their lessons that would take place between leases. 
Future plans for Rolls Royce is to be able to expand to a larger part of the industry and is working "towards even closer integration of aftermarket services and aircraft lease agreements".
The companies included in the programme are very content with the resources that Rolls Royce is able to offer with their extensive line of experience.Philips Scruggs, President of AerCap states that his company has “worked closely with Rolls-Royce to develop a service that gives us the choice and flexibility that we need across the lifecycle of our fleet of Trent-powered aircraft".

Paul Geaney, Avalon's head of OEM believes that this program will be able to help their company provide their customer with a higher-level caliber in later years.Firiz Tarapore, DAEs lessor’s chief executive, believes that they will be able to generate more revenue due to decreased downtime from more efficient routine maintenance that will come with the program. 

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Boeing 787
Boeing is well underway with the completion of their awaited flight tests for their 787-10 aircrafts. The 787-10 model has been integrated with two types engines; Rolls Royce and GE Aerospace for different specification. According to the FAA by certified the 787-10 they are certifying the largest most fuel-efficient Dreamliner that will be used commercially. 

GE Aerospace has yet to complete the required flight test using their engine in the recent certified 787-10 aircraft. They are scheduled to deliver a complete aircraft integrated with a GE Engine in the second half of the year to their esteemed customers, United Airlines. Chief project engineer, Bob Whittington, easies concerns by stating
“There is a little bit more testing to be done for the GE-powered airplanes a little bit later on.”
Despite GE’s failure to conduct their test flights, Rolls Royce has completed theirs. The completion of the test flights is followed by the delivery to Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIAL.SI). This delivery has been previously scheduled and has been set to be transported during the first half of the year. Singapore Ltd has intentions to conduct flights in mid-length routes that will fly over the Asian Pacific region. The 787-10 model has a lot of similarities to their previous family models. They differentiate in the ability of their environmental control systems and is stated to be larger than previous.

The reputation of the Boeing 787-10 aircraft is growing constantly as it already has an order log of 171 aircrafts accounted for. Its size and efficiency are what they these large companies are looking for when purchasing new aircrafts to innovate their airlines.   “787-10 seats around 330 passengers and has a shorter range, at 6,430 nautical miles (11,910 km), than the other Dreamliners.”

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Delta Secures an Airbus
A few months ago, Delta secured a deal that placed them on the aviation map. They made a big purchase of one-hundred Airbus A321neo jets. This order made it so that 70% of their fleet was comprised of Airbuses. A new deal that was crafted with Pratt & Whitney means that Delta industries could be raking in billions because Pratt & Whitney has vowed to renovate engines on all models of the Airbus A320neo line, as well as on Bombardier CSeries jet engines.
The brand new A321neo jets with slowly be replacing Airbus A320’s, Bowing 757’s and MD-88 planes. A big draw for the switch was the fact that A321neos are much more fuel efficient, roughly 40% more efficient and they also can carry anywhere from forty to fifty more people than their previous planes. Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta, commented on how wonderful of a deal the company got from Airbus and Pratt & Whitney.
Bastian also stated that a huge draw towards the deal was the fact that Pratt & Whitney were on board with their offer to overhaul the engines as needed. Their contract with Pratt & Whitney guarantees repairs on around five-thousand turbofan engines over the next twenty-five years. They are expected to see financial growth rapidly increasing starting in 2020 and growing steadily from there. It is likely that this deal will shape how a lot of future aviation companies do business. When there are billions on the line, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.
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Yamal Airlines
StandardAero has been chosen to receive two multi-year contracts to support Yamal Airlines. The contracts for auxiliary power unit (APU) maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) include a three-year agreement to provide Honeywell GTCP36-150RJ APU MRO services for Yamal’s fleet of 10 CRJ-200LR aircraft and a five-year agreement supporting Honeywell RE220 APU MRO services on Yamal’s fleet of 10 Sukhoi Superjet aircraft. APU services will be provided at StandardAero’s facility in Maryville, Tennessee. This facility not only repairs the APU but all Line Replaceable Units (LRU) associated with the APU.

The CRJ-200 is a more efficient model of Bombardier’s previous CRJ-100. Introduced in 1992, it stretches 5.92 meters and accommodates up to 52 passengers. Production of these aircrafts stopped in 2006. The Sukhoi Superjet 100, a Russian-designed twin-engine jet airliner, was introduced to commercial passenger flight in 2011. The model has two variants, with the larger of the two capable of stretching to fit 115 passengers at maximum capacity. Plans to enlarge the aircraft to fit more passengers are expected to be introduced within the next 3 years. Yamal Airlines plans to add 6 more Superjets to their fleet.

Honeywell’s 36 Series of APUs deliver compressed air for main engine starting, air conditioning, anti-ice and heating systems. The 36-150 can deliver air and shaft power simultaneously or individually.The RE220 APU supports higher electrical loads and is the first general aviation APU to communicate with the aircraft’s maintenance data acquisition unit (MDAU), enabling pilots and mechanics to monitor performance and troubleshoot from the flight deck.

StandardAero is a Tennessee, USA-based engineering repair specialist that was established in 1911. It is one of the largest independent providers of services in the world. It is currently owned by Veritas Capital in New York City.Yamal Airlines is an expanding Russian-based regional operator based in Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, that was established in 1997.

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Bombardier aircraft
The new generation of Global 7000 private jets has gone under finalization in assembly, as confirmed by Bombardier. It has been mentioned that these jets are in the process of finalizing assembly in Bombardier’s Toronto factory.The three Global 7000 test planes have performed more than 500 hours of test flying so far.

Bombardier vice president, Francois Caza believes that the flight validation program for the Global 7000 aircraft’s is making stable progress due to the reliable and careful configuration of the aircraft. The substantial progress of testing on both structural and systems rigs is also reinforcing certification activities.

The assembly of two more test plants has contributed to the belief that the Global 7000 will complete both its testing and certification program which will enable Bombardier to enter service in the second half of 2018. Although the Global 7000 has been affected and postponed by financial struggles, these new private jets are projected to be efficiently equipped with top Bombardier aircraft parts, as well as a high price tag of 72.8 million US dollars.  

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Gulfstream cabin
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp has created a new innovative system that is designed to make a better flight for passenger and operators. The Aerospace company newest connectivity program will enhance in-flight internet, entertainment, and voice. This newly installed connectively program has been implemented to help keep everyone on the aircraft stay intact with the world and not lose connectivity despite their altitudes of thousands of feet. Per a statement made by the President of Gulfstream Product Support, Mr. Dereck Zimmerman, he states that this innovation is what Gulf stream needs for a better more efficient connection for their customers.

“ It will make connectivity more accessible and easier to understand.The integration provides customers everything they need to create and maintain the ultimate experience in nose-to-tail connectivity. Gulfstream will be their single source for equipment, service networks, and technical support.”

Apart of these integrations, Gulfstream has paired up with Satcom Direct, a renowned Aviation and Global connectivity company to help further the project. Satcom officials are very eager and pleased to be able to be given the opportunity to display their products with such a respected Aircraft company.  

Along with the enhanced connection, Gulfstream also offers a bundled cabin option that is equipped with Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX the fastest in-air broadband system the industry has to offer. Along with the ConneX, there will be installed along with the Inmarsat’s Swift Broadband and ViaSat’s Ku-band service.  With an enhanced connection it allows for better safety systems such as the Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+ that is designed to better datalink services for the pilot to air traffic controller. The collaboration will enable customers to be able to troubleshoot and direct questions immediately to Satcoms on-site support team.

Gulf stream is yet to be finished with their installations as they plan to target other facilities nationwide. Locations that have yet to be installed are Appleton, Beijing, Brazil, Brunswick, California, China, Dallas, England, Florida, Georgia, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Luton, Massachusetts, Nevada, Savannah, Sorocaba, Texas, West Palm Beach, Westfield and Wisconsin

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Bombardiers Global
Bombardier released its prototype for testing of the Global 7000 private jet. They have been given the green light to finally going into an assembly in a Bombardier owned factory located in Toronto, Canada. The Global 7000 has been equipped with all the latest and greatest luxurious equipment and accessories. The first flight of the Global 7000 was in the year 2016 and have 2 other test aircraft underway. Along with the 2 aircraft, there are an additional 3 other test planes stationed in Wichita, Kansas. Already the 3-test plane has accumulated an approximate 500 hours’ worth of test flying.

Bombardier is confident that that completion of the test planes certification and test programs will be well underway to completion by the 2nd half of 2018.Not only is this aircraft a luxurious beauty but threat as well. It's competing against many other private jets on the market but especially Gulfstreams G650ER aircraft. The Global 7000 is equipped with General Electric Passport turbofan engines. These engines have the capability of reaching a maximum speed of MACH 0.925. Along with many other luxurious attributes, it also has the luxury of being very fuel efficient. The Global 7000 has the fuel efficiency to be able to fly without stops from destinations such as San Francisco to Sydney, Dubai to New York, and Singapore to London. It has been marked to be able to fly an approximate 13,600km.

The luxurious cabin is able to seat up 19 passengers with a transformable cabin space. Passengers can request the style of their cabins from lounge setting or a permanent sleeping station. To date, the Global 7000 is largest private jet on the market that its sole use is a private jet. 

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Boeing Helicopter
Boeing has created a new addition to the Chinook helicopters to increase its potential in lifting cargo along with other innovative features. This newest addition has been a has been made for the improvement of U.S Army aircraft. The innovations are known as the CH-47F Block II that is expected to increase the longevity of the aircraft all while creating jobs for the Philadelphia facility for an approximate 20 years to come. The Army’s contract is expected to be worth a total of 276 million which will fund the completion of 3 prototypes that the Army will be used for testing. As this is only the beginning of the long-term goal of 500 Chinook upgrades.

Changes to the existing model will take place to be able to add the Block II. An Enhanced drivetrain will be installed which will increase the rotation of the new innovative “swept-tip Advanced Chinook Rotor Blade.” In lue of the innovation, it will increase the lifting capability of further 1500 pounds per aircraft.
Another Significant change to the Chinook Helicopter to be able to apply the block II is the removal of fuel tanks. The Helicopter was manufactured with six original fuel tanks and will be changed to the total of two in replacement. This will allow for the helicopter to reduce its weight and carry more fuel to improve its agility and distance traveling.  

According to Cargo Helicopter and program manager, H-47, Chuck Dabundo emphasizes the potential of the H-47s for being able to maintain its quality throughout the years.
Dabundo states, “this latest upgrade for the Chinook fleet is a tribute to the robustness of its original design and exemplifies its 55-year legacy of technological advancements.”
With great pleasure, they are willing to provide for the military as they continue to receive a request for upgrades for this model of aircraft so heavily used by the Army and many other military divisions.  The innovations will commence in the year 2019 and are said to be completed by the year 2023. 

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Bell Helicopter Textron
Bell Helicopter Textron inc. and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa one of the largest defense groups in central Europe, signed a letter of intent to collaborate on the UH-1Y, one of bell’s combat proven utility helicopters.  This signing along with the letter of intent for the AH-1Z, an American twin-engine attack helicopter, solidify the business relationship between Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and Bell Helicopter. Due to this letter of intent both companies will be expanding into areas of Poland’s future utility helicopter needs in areas that are willing to cooperate.

This agreement also helps support the “Kruk” program which is an effort Poland’s government is making to acquire attack helicopters to modernize the polish armed forces. In accordance with the letter of intent, PGZ and Bell will discuss information that might be conveyed from American countries to polish countries in the arms industry. This arrangement gives PGZ and opportunity to introduce world class technologies into their factories.

For PGZ this is a big step in the right direction when it comes to business relations with bell, relations that hopefully grow stronger and better in the future. It is a common goal to provide the Polish Armed Forces with top of the line equipment to drastically improve Poland’s defense capabilities.  This step with PGZ provides a solid foundation for future relationships with bell. This step also shows that Bell helicopter is committed to supporting Poland’s military objectives and want for industry growth.These helicopters are the some of the newest and best utility helicopters on the market, thanks to bell helicopter parts.

The AH-1Z and the UH-1Y work in unison to provide strength that offers efficient and effective means of accomplishing missions in Poland. Bells helicopter the AH-1Z viper shares about 85% of the commonality bell helicopter parts as the UH-1Y venom. The AH-1Z and the AH-1Y are bell’s two latest generation of aircrafts, which extends into an 80-year history. Bell helicopter parts are some of the most reliable in the aviation industry.

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