Aircraft Heaters
Pressurized aircraft that use their air cycle air conditioning systems combine bleed air with cold air created by the air cycle machine expansion turbine to receive warm air for the aircraft’s cabin. Aircrafts powered by a turbine but lacking air cycle systems still, utilize the engine compressor bleed air to warm up the cabin. The bleed air can be mixed with ambient or cabin return air and is transported throughout the aircraft via ducting. Air can be mixed in several different ways. Switches located in the cockpit control the mixing of air valves, flow control valves and more.

 An electric heating device can be utilized on occasion. The electricity that flows through the heating elements makes the element heat up. A fan is used to blow the air above the elements and into the cabin. This transfers the heat. The sidewall elements emit heat to keep the cabin warm. Electric heating elements heaters need a large amount of the aircraft’s generator output. This is best dedicated towards the operation of other electrical devices. Because of this, electrical heaters are not very common.

Exhaust shroud heaters are mostly used by single-engine light aircraft. Ambient air is moved into a metal jacket that encloses a portion of the engine’s exhaust system. The exhaust warms the air and is transported through a firewall heater valve into the cabin. This process requires no electrical or engine power and utilizes the heat that would in other situations be wasted. One major concern of the exhaust shroud system is the possibility of contamination via the exhaust gases to the cabin air. Even a tiny crack in the exhaust could spread enough carbon monoxide to be fatal. There are strict procedures and inspections to minimize this possible threat.

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Maintenance Repair and Overhaul in Aircraft
In the aviation industry, maintenance used to be conducted by the original equipment manufacturers. But as the global economy impacted all industries, as well as the changes in the political climate, the activity, and cost maintenance altered to consist of optimized maintenance, repair, and overhaul services (MRO).

The MRO industry has been supported by market trends with a market worth $135 billion in 2016. Regarding the fact that robust air travel demand and air traffic growth rapidly ascending, the MRO market is expected to confidently increase for each year. These expectations motivated the MRO industry to situate itself as an essential tool with the service supply chain.

Boeing has one of the biggest MRO services, along with a maintenance execution program that it is specialized in high-skilled labor, guaranteeing fleets decrease downtime and increase revenue service. “Boeing Edge” uses techniques and strategies that provide total logistics management, the “One Boeing” point of contact, and a dependable maintenance scheme bridging to lower transition times and conserve the value of assets.

On the other hand, one of the most effective substantial engine manufacturers in the industry, Rolls Royce has an all-inclusive list of customers recruiting their in- production engines. A few families of Airbus fleet are overhauled with a Rolls – Royce engine, like A330 and A380 families. As stated by Rolls-Royce, clients with a “Total Care” contract profit from “ on-wing time, higher residual values of their engine assets, reduced risk and better oversight.” Under the “Total Care” coverage, they guarantee the reliability of engine maintenance.

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Aircraft MRO
When you look at companies who can handle maintenance, repair, and operating capabilities, a few have been standing out this year. There are familiar names and slightly lesser known companies. Each of the companies being mentioned in this article has been having a “moment” this month, and we wanted to showcase that.

Companies Mentioned
  • Magnetic MRO
  • Bombardier
  • AerSale
First up is Magnetic MRO. This MRO, based out of Estonia, has recently revamped the Airbus A321neo’s interior cabins. The updates were made for Primera Air, who specializes in Nordic guided tours. The new cabins are filled with plush business class style seats that bring a new sense of comfort to an older cabin.

Next is Bombardier. This powerhouse was recently able to secure a 7-year long deal with the company, Widerøe’s Flyveselskap AS (also referred to as simply, Widerøe), another Nordic based Aerospace company that started in 1934. This deal means that Widerøe will help Bombardier with component management on their Q400 line.

Lastly, we have AerSale, founded in 2008 in a small town near Miami, Florida. This rather small company was awarded FAA and EASA STC to incorporate AerSafe mechanisms on Airbus model A321’s. This mechanism will help the A321, as well as a few Boeing aircrafts, conform to the new law put in place to help make fuel tanks less flammable. Obviously, there are more MRO’s that are doing well in the month of May but these were a few we wanted to highlight. 

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Thailand Airways
In 1985, Thai Technical was established by Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) as a maintenance center for the sustenance of wide-body aircraft, as well as, the corresponding components installed in each affiliated aircraft. Today, THAI Technical is one of the most known leaders in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul of commercial aircraft. The MRO has three main maintenance facilities: Donmueang base, Suvarnabhumi base and Utapao base which gives it the possibility of offering light and heavy maintenance containing serious modifications, interior and exterior painting, component and engine overhaul.
Thai Airways’ MRO arm wishes to integrate its U – Tapao based joint venture MRO with Airbus by March 2020, for launch two years later. Once 2021 rolls around Thai Technical has already announced that they will be pushing forward on applying for brand new certs with multiple flying organizations. Thai Technical also wants to ensure it’s the customer that no matter what, this MRO facility will be opening regardless of Airbuses final decision.
The MRO will sit on over eighty-three acres of land, more than enough space to hold even the biggest of planes. The new MRO plans to be able to handle a myriad of the request. Anything from working on whole engines and complicated brake lines to small things, like detailing and maintenance. Planes of all sorts will also be supported at the MRO station, such as classic Boeing planes and newer and older Airbus models. Once the whole place is up and running it should be able to support clients of all magnitudes from all around the world.

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CFM56-5B and -7B Engine
In a turn of events, S7 Technics, the premier Russian aerospace company, has been awarded the right to operate and overhaul engines of the CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B variety, all from its main campus at the Moscow airport. Many repair options will be available, which should broaden their customer base as the news gets out that they can now offer full repairs. Some repair options include ensuring pressure functions are correct, replacing or updating switches, nozzles and so much more.
The engines that have been added to the repair function are engines that can be found on the hugely popular Airbus A320 and the Bowing 737, two planes that most companies will have in their arsenal. As of late, the company has noticed a huge influx of demand for Russian built engines and Russian built engine overhaul capabilities.
Just one year after the company opened its doors, they were hit with the demand for more engines and more options. The company noticed the need Russia had for these products and wanted to make it so that they were able to get a good quality product when and where they needed it.
There have been some numbers given out to the public that state that in the next ten years alone the amount of money Russians will spend at MRO’s on just the two engine models that S7 Technic will operate on with the top out at over four billion dollars. A real change from back in the day when it was really hard to find a company that would work on your much-loved engine.

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Pratt & Whitney
The four-year contract given to StandardAero is specific to Pratt & Whitney Canada’s APS2300 auxiliary power unit maintenance, repair, and overhaul MRO services on the largest Russian-based Airlines, the S7. Specifically, the Embraer E-Jet E170 aircraft. The actual maintenance and repair are set to take place in Maryville, Tennessee at the StandardAero location. There are 80 aircraft in the S7 fleet and is an incredible step up for StandardAero within the Russian airline industry.

Even though this new contract will be good for StandardAero, it is not their first Russian contract. They have 2 other multi-year contracts. To receive this contract, StandardAero had to compete with a total of four other MROs.

StandardAero is not the only one that benefits from this contract, it will also allow the S7 fleet to grow while remaining safe and reliable. The customer service for Pratt and Whitney Canada will also be improved. By Pratt & Whitney Canada working with an independent agency, StandardAero, it allows customers access to rental bank assets, component repair, capabilities and repairs done with OEM authorization, technical support with documentation, and OEM warranty. The Component repairs are among the most beneficial and important, for example, if an airframe-engine part needs to be repaired, in the past the whole airframe engine would need to be replaced, but with these OEM approved maintenance and repair services, individual parts can be replaced, which is, in turn, cheaper and more efficient.

StandardAero has become one of the biggest independent providers, especially after this Pratt & Whitney contract. They have a wide variety of customers within the airline industry which have been accumulated throughout their 100 years. 

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Aircraft interior
Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace), through its US affiliate company, VT San Antonio Aerospace (VT SAA), has secured a contract to perform interior reconfiguration cabin services on the Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet. This follows in line with a previous contract in June 2017, when ST Aerospace agreed to provide services for heavy maintenance on the Canadian operator’s 787 fleets.

ST Aerospace has already supported Air Canada through many cabin upgrade programs, including turnkey solutions in engineering design, certification, kitting, and modification. This is not the only contract ST Aerospace has secured. It was announced that the company also signed a five-year exclusive contract for heavy maintenance support with Lufthansa Cargo. The contract is worth $30 million.

The Boeing 787 aircraft  Dreamliner is the first airliner with an airframe constructed primarily of composite materials and was designed to replace the 767. VT SAA is one of the leading service providers of maintenance and modification for mainline and regional aircraft in North America. In 2017, VT SAA became the first maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility in the Americas to perform C-checks on the 787. VT SAA has redelivered ten 787 aircraft across two heavy maintenance lines and more than 3,000 aircraft in its redelivery track record.

ST Aerospace will be showcasing its MRO capabilities and other aerospace solutions at the Singapore Airshow 2018 from February 6-11. ST Aerospace is a subsidiary of ST Engineering with vast MRO capabilities for both commercial and military aircraft through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and investments. It is the largest independent, third-party airframe MRO provider in the world.

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Introducing a new broadened program for extensive MRO services for three large aerospace companies. All being apart of a new program called Lessor Care. The programme will include companies such as AerCap, Avalon and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise. Rolls Royce’s main goal is to be able to bring their resources all into one place for easy access for their participating customers. All three companies have Rolls Royce’s Trent- powered aircrafts for which they are eligible for the programme.
Rolls Royce has in mind to be able to “drawing together a range of services under one simple, flexible and comprehensive framework".
They vow to keep aircrafts maintained to keep the aircrafts working and generating revenue. Also standing by their work to be able to minimize downtime for their lessons that would take place between leases. 
Future plans for Rolls Royce is to be able to expand to a larger part of the industry and is working "towards even closer integration of aftermarket services and aircraft lease agreements".
The companies included in the programme are very content with the resources that Rolls Royce is able to offer with their extensive line of experience.Philips Scruggs, President of AerCap states that his company has “worked closely with Rolls-Royce to develop a service that gives us the choice and flexibility that we need across the lifecycle of our fleet of Trent-powered aircraft".

Paul Geaney, Avalon's head of OEM believes that this program will be able to help their company provide their customer with a higher-level caliber in later years.Firiz Tarapore, DAEs lessor’s chief executive, believes that they will be able to generate more revenue due to decreased downtime from more efficient routine maintenance that will come with the program. 

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Boeing 787
Boeing is well underway with the completion of their awaited flight tests for their 787-10 aircrafts. The 787-10 model has been integrated with two types engines; Rolls Royce and GE Aerospace for different specification. According to the FAA by certified the 787-10 they are certifying the largest most fuel-efficient Dreamliner that will be used commercially. 

GE Aerospace has yet to complete the required flight test using their engine in the recent certified 787-10 aircraft. They are scheduled to deliver a complete aircraft integrated with a GE Engine in the second half of the year to their esteemed customers, United Airlines. Chief project engineer, Bob Whittington, easies concerns by stating
“There is a little bit more testing to be done for the GE-powered airplanes a little bit later on.”
Despite GE’s failure to conduct their test flights, Rolls Royce has completed theirs. The completion of the test flights is followed by the delivery to Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIAL.SI). This delivery has been previously scheduled and has been set to be transported during the first half of the year. Singapore Ltd has intentions to conduct flights in mid-length routes that will fly over the Asian Pacific region. The 787-10 model has a lot of similarities to their previous family models. They differentiate in the ability of their environmental control systems and is stated to be larger than previous.

The reputation of the Boeing 787-10 aircraft is growing constantly as it already has an order log of 171 aircrafts accounted for. Its size and efficiency are what they these large companies are looking for when purchasing new aircrafts to innovate their airlines.   “787-10 seats around 330 passengers and has a shorter range, at 6,430 nautical miles (11,910 km), than the other Dreamliners.”

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Delta Secures an Airbus
A few months ago, Delta secured a deal that placed them on the aviation map. They made a big purchase of one-hundred Airbus A321neo jets. This order made it so that 70% of their fleet was comprised of Airbuses. A new deal that was crafted with Pratt & Whitney means that Delta industries could be raking in billions because Pratt & Whitney has vowed to renovate engines on all models of the Airbus A320neo line, as well as on Bombardier CSeries jet engines.
The brand new A321neo jets with slowly be replacing Airbus A320’s, Bowing 757’s and MD-88 planes. A big draw for the switch was the fact that A321neos are much more fuel efficient, roughly 40% more efficient and they also can carry anywhere from forty to fifty more people than their previous planes. Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta, commented on how wonderful of a deal the company got from Airbus and Pratt & Whitney.
Bastian also stated that a huge draw towards the deal was the fact that Pratt & Whitney were on board with their offer to overhaul the engines as needed. Their contract with Pratt & Whitney guarantees repairs on around five-thousand turbofan engines over the next twenty-five years. They are expected to see financial growth rapidly increasing starting in 2020 and growing steadily from there. It is likely that this deal will shape how a lot of future aviation companies do business. When there are billions on the line, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.
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