Boeing and Ryanair

"Ryanair is proud to partner with Boeing and has operated an all-Boeing fleet since 1994," said Ryanair's Chief Operations Officer, Mick Hickey. Adding, "Our current order of 737-800s and the 737-MAX 200 'Game changer' will allow us to grow our fleet to 585 aircraft and our passenger numbers to 200 million per annum by 2024, maintaining our position as Europe's largest, and greenest and cleanest airline."

Boeing and Ryanair both celebrated the delivery of today’s airline's 450th Next-Generation 737-800. This particular meaningful milestone has been achieved no more than two decades, due to the Irish low-cost exporter. Since 1999, the Irish exporter exported an average delivery of 25 737-800s per delivery. Ryanair is the launch customer for Next-Generation 737-800s with more than 80 voided orders, but also for the 737 MAX 200, with 100 voided orders. The 737 MAX 200 can contain up to 200 seats, increasing potential income and offering airlines with up to 20 percent better fuel effectiveness per seat than today's most well-organized single-aisle airplanes.

"Ryanair has consistently demonstrated the outstanding economic, reliability and safety capabilities of the Next-Generation 737-800, using this airplane as the foundation to become one of the biggest airlines in the world," said Monty Oliver, vice president, European Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "To deliver the 450th 737-800 is truly a significant milestone in both companies shared history and we look forward to supporting Ryanair on the next phase of its incredible journey with the introduction of the 737 MAX 200." Ryanair transported 119 million passengers last year with 1,800 daily flights to more than 200 destinations. The Dublin based carrier is the largest 737-800 customer in the world and the largest Boeing operator in Europe.

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boeing 737 max
In early April 2017 Boeing, in collaboration with Mongolian Airlines, announced its decision to lease two 737 AX airplanes from Avolon, a global aircraft leasing company. This new addition comes as the airlines hopes to improve its single-aisle fleet in the coming years.

President and CEO of Mongolian Airlines, Tamir Tumurbaatar states, “The 737 MAX will become a cornerstone in our fleet modernization strategy as we look to introduce new airplanes to our customers in the years to come. These fuel-efficient airplanes will help us realize our goals of driving down operational costs and expanding the regional network, while also providing our valued customers and passengers with an unmatched flying experience.”

This new advancement is planned to connect Mongolia with the rest of the world when it comes to air transportation services. They want to make sure they are able to compete by offering the highest quality, reliability and efficiency. These new aircrafts would join the already existing fleet of Mongolian airlines, which consists of three Next-Generation 737s and two 767 airplanes.

The Mongolian airline is projected to operate the 737 MAX airplanes on the routes to South Korea, China, Japan, Russia and Germany, which are already pre-existing routes. It also plans to make these aircrafts a part of the future routes that ill be added on.

Tumurbaatar continues, “We will commence a new scheduled flight to Busan, South Korea beginning this summer and increase frequency for all flights toward Asian and European destinations to accommodate our peak travel season while continuously looking for new possibilities to open new markets in the coming years.” All three organizations, Boeing, Avolon and Monoglian Airlines are all very pleased with this major decision.

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Bell Helicopters

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, has unveiled its vision at the Heli-Expo in Dallas for the future of rotorcraft. The FCX-001 concept helicopter has new technologies to reduce noise, boost safety and performance, and enhance both the pilot and the passenger experience. Bell Helicopter officials call the concept helicopter “a 3D roadmap for delivering safer, smarter, and more efficient rotorcraft solutions.” It was borne out of a “highly collaborative team of problem solvers”. A core group of Bell Helicopter engineers and graphic designers, to address the evolving demands of customers and demonstrating key technologies that revolutionize the pilot and passenger experience, including a new anti-torque system in the tail boom designed to change the safety, noise, and performance parameters of vertical lift aircraft forever.

Hybridized propulsion combines progressive thermal engine cores for the main propulsion, for example, electric distribution and motors to drive the anti-torque system for more control and easier vehicle operations and maintenance.The company is exploring the right combination of material and geometry.

For example, an airframe that is made from advanced viable materials to provide structural performance and offer configurations that our customers desire. In order to provide enhanced situational awareness, visibility, and room. The airframe is also the front line for energy management where it harvests, stores, attenuates, and distributes external energy or system energy not already employed for useful work on the air vehicle. A landing gear with non-traditional geometries that facilitate function when combined with advanced materials and actuation. Morphing rotor blades that allow aircraft to optimize performance in different flight regimes.

A single pilot seat and an entirely new flight deck experience with the pilot controlling the aircraft through augmented reality and an artificial intelligence computer assistance system. A highly modular passenger cabin enhanced with the same augmented reality technology for individualized infotainment to catch up on world news, hold a video conference call, share documents with other passengers, or simply watch a movie or play music to relax.

Bell Helicopter’s President and CEO Mitch Snyder stated during the opening ceremony at HAI Heli-Expo 2017 in Dallas, “For the past 80 years, Bell Helicopter has imagined the art of the possible and brought those dreams to life. Six months ago, we created a dedicated team to focus on emerging technologies and how we could incorporate them into our products. Among that team’s first tasks was to display visually the technologies and innovations that present a roadmap that we envision bringing to market. Being a pioneer in the aircraft industry is in our DNA and we want to share this renewed passion with the world. The FCX-001 points the way for our future – a renewed focus on innovative solutions and technologies. When the time is right we look forward to sharing more of what we’re doing behind closed doors.”

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., is a producer of commercial and military, manned and unmanned vertical-lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell's global workforce serves customers flying Bell aircraft in more than 120 countries.

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China Airlines (CAL) that is based in Taiwan, has gotten in touch with Airbus for their maintance, engineering and technical training services. They have agreed to join in a memorandum (MoU) that will take care of latter matters. Not only will the China airlines benefit from such partnership but also their associates such as TAMECO. CAL and Tameco are both eagerly excited to be able to utilize what Airbus has in store for them while expanding both programs with their help.

The program was designed to better and enhance multiple areas around CAL that require improvement. Focused in on improving CALs training services in there Taiwan and their development centers.Creating new avenues for CAL to be able to branch out into different companies such as Satair group and other affiliates that pertain to Airbus.CAL currently operates many airbus aircrafts of different types of models such as the A350 XWB, A330/A340 and A320 aircraft families.Operating four A350-900 to date and an approximate 10 more to be delivered at a later time.

Recently said by Chinese Airlines chairman Mr. Ho Nuan-Hsuan,” Through Airbus’ valuable industry know-how, China Airlines and our associated TAMECO maintenance subsidiary are looking forward to accelerating our maintenance and engineering capabilities for the major Airbus aircraft types, including the newly introduced A350 XWB.”

Both companies have been working around the clock to make this integration as smooth as possible. These large companies that are very well known globally that will be able to benefit from both sides equally. With new tools and services CAL will be able to expand their routes in hope a creating a better more modern company for their passengers. Airbus continues to be one of the leading world supplier of aircrafts to many airlines around the globe.

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Bombardier Challenger aircraft

In recent news Bombardier is pleased to say that they have hit a significant mark of repairs and maintenance through their company. Counting a remarkable 200 “heavy maintance” inspection on Challenger series air crafts throughout the course of 8 years. This outstanding accomplishment is a mile stone for the great success that the Bombardier company will and has always strived for. These innovative aircrafts have been chosen for their capability and endurance of performing missions and require to be maintained. As the Bombardier, has been around for years they have been able to complete a number of maintance on different type of models and aircrafts. The entire Bombardier fleet has been fortunate to accumulate an approximate 7.3 million hours in flight time and a have a recorded 4.3 million landings.

“The Canadian airframe boasts a global in-service fleet of 1,600 Challenger-series aircraft, which includes the large-cabin 600 – introduced in the late 1970s – and the 601, 604, 605 and 650, along with the super-midsize 300 and 350 and the CRJ200 regional jet-derived 850/890.”

Bombardiers maintance has been a key element to the longevity of many planes and airlines. Holding to what is known as a 96-month inspection which is referred to as “one of the most in-depth maintenance events in the aircrafts lifecycle.”  This inspection consists of a stringent procedure to inspect the airframe, structure, and the landing gear of the air crafts in that amount of time.

Bombardier has been a quality source to many large aircrafts and airlines over many years and continue to provide world class service. They have recently been able to expand and grow with new maintance centers across the globe such recently added in 2016 in China, Tianjin, and London Biggins Hill airport in the UK.

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South Korean start-up carrier KAIR Airlines has placed and confirmed the order to buy eight new A320ceo aircraft from Airbus. It is to launch the new low-cost operation. The airline is set to begin its low-cost international services by next year to cater to the North East Asian region.

KAIR Airlines representative director and chairman Byung Ho Kang said,

“We see enormous potential for the development of a low-cost model linking central South Korea with destinations in China, Taiwan and Japan. KAIR Airlines will focus on point-to-point services at low fares while offering passengers a modern and fun product offering. Brand new A320 aircraft will be perfect for our business model and customers, combining the lowest operating costs with the widest cabin in the single aisle segment.”

From previously being capable of carrying 100 to now 240 passengers, Airbus’ A320 family of aircraft features 18in-wide seats in economy as standard. Airbus has so far received more than 13,000 orders for its A320 family aircraft. The company KAIR Airlines have delivered a new wide-body A330-200 aircraft to Iran Air.

Airbus customers chief operating officer John Leahy said,

“We have been impressed by the business model developed by KAIR Airlines. We are confident that the efficiencies offered by the A320 aircraft will contribute to a successful launch by KAIR Airlines, bringing more choice for passengers flying in the North East Asian region.”

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AIN Online by Mark Huber that talks about how Safran working on a new and larger engine. It was Bruno Even, Safran Helicopter Engine’s CEO who stated that 2016 was a challenging year. The company did well during the beginning of 2016. Here is what Huber said about Safran’s 2016 success.

These include the Airbus H160 flying for the first time with Arrano engines; first flight of the Russian Helicopters Kamov Ka-62 on April 28 powered by Ardiden 3Gs; the July 27 first of Avic’s AC312e in China with the Arriel 2E; India’s first flight of the single engine HAL light utility on September 16 with the Shakti 1U (Ardiden 1H); and at the end of December, first flight of the Chinese Avicopter AC352, powered by the WZ16.

Even has speculation that the market will be flat in 2017. However the WZ16 will help. The engine was co-designed and co-produced by Safran’s Chinese part which works with CAPO, Dongan, and Aero Engine Corporation of China. This will have the best in class power to weight ratio, low cost of ownership, and a 10 percent lower fuel consumption compared to others in the same class of engines. The engines will have 1500 to 2000 shp turboshaft.

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Contractors has informed the US Air Force that their off the shelf solutions is not guaranteed to meet all their demands that was included in their proposal.  This has caused in a suspension of releasing their final request to recapitalize its UH-1N Huey helicopter.

The final request for this month proposal has been prepared already, however the publication of this information was to be postponed till the summer. However the service’s second draft’s release of the request for proposal has been hindered till April 2017 according to the USAF. Having that said, the contract would be awarded in 2018 to deliver the first functioning helicopter in the year 2020.

The USAF has released its preliminary draft of the request for proposal to substitute the Bell UH-1N Hueys from the Vietnam period which called for a completely transparent challenge to acquire over 80 helicopters. However contractors have informed the US air force right after the request for proposal was submitted that it won’t be possible to meet all their maintenance threshold requirements using the available commercial aircraft.

Sikorsky, the manufacturer of the UH-60 Black Hawk could take over the Huey recapitalization since it has become a singular source provider for current requirements according to Helicopter manufacturers in the industry. Previous trials of the contract has reflected a singular source for procuring UH-60M Black Hawks, nevertheless the service has decided to proceed with a conventional fully open rivalry.

For the air force to carry a minimum of nine combat troops in addition to their equipment at a high speed of around 250 km/hr, they must call for the replacement helicopter.  Having that said, the US Air Force acquisition chief has stated that the replacement Hueys wouldn’t be necessary to carry over nine troops.

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Helicopter Express is the current operator to convert its Bell 407 by replacing the standard engine with Honeywell’s next-generation HTS900 propulsion engine. In early November, company delivered Eagle 407HP and make plans to use the helicopter for firefighting missions throughout the U.S. President and chief operating officer of Helicopter Express stated,

“Upgrading our Bell 407 to an Eagle 407HP will improve our ability to accomplish the most challenging firefighting missions with dramatically increased payloads. The Eagle 407HP powered by Honeywell is set to redefine the Type III class of firefighting helicopters.”

The HTS900 offers a dramatically upgraded performance on the Bell 407. Which gives the operators a faster, more powerful and more fuel-efficient helicopter that is ideal for demanding missions like security and law enforcement, forest management, emergency medical services firefighting and other utility services. The new updated technology includes a dual centrifugal compressor, cooled single-crystal turbine blades, effusion cooled combustor liner and a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control. Currently the engine generates more than 1,000 shaft horsepower and delivers the lowest fuel consumption and highest power-to-weight ratio of any engine in its class. By using the exclusive Eagle Copters conversion kit the helicopter was converted by Honeywell’s partner Eagle Copters. Stephane Arsenault, vice president, sales and marketing for Eagle Copters explains,

“This particular conversion was extremely streamlined as our production facility is completely functional. The purpose-built facility is housed in our maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Calgary, Canada. We now have the unique option for customers to bring their helicopter or purchase one already converted. We’re delighted to demonstrate our OEM-level capabilities on the Helicopter Express conversation, which opens the door for us to upgrade engines to the HTS900 on other customer-owned aircraft.”

Eagle Copter also plans to offer conversions in other locations which include Australia and Chile. ASAP Semiconductor are the leading distributor for all aircraft supplies, making it more convenient and cost-effective for customers to upgrade their aircraft.

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The new three wide-body Airbus A330 to join the airberlin fleet builds towards its biggest long-haul summer flight schedule to the U.S.  The new aircraft will join airberlin’s existing Airbus 330 fleet of 14 and boost capacity by almost 1,000 passengers. The first of the 290-seater is scheduled to come into operation in February with the next two planes flying in airberlin’s colours before the end of April. The leased aircraft will be designed with 19 fully-flat seats in business class and 271 seats in the economy section. Each aircraft will be fitted with 46 XL seats which give an extra 20 percent seat to provide more legroom and extra comfort.

More than 70 airberlin pilots and 260 flight attendants have endured vast training in the last months to operate the three new jets.“We’re therefore increasing aligning our route network with the needs of our long-haul passengers. This increased capacity and our expanded fleet are further steps towards becoming a network carrier and extending our US service.” Explains Thomas Winkelmann, Chief Executive Officer of airberlin.

A new route for the airline will be Orlando in Florida and it will join New York (JFK), Boston, Miami, Fort Myers, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Airberlin will first operate 84 non-stop flights a week from Germany during the summer before the new destinations in the U.S.A.

The two destination in California, which are San Francisco and Los Angeles, will operate from Berlin Tegel with three to four non-stop flights a week in the month of May. Starting in mid-April of this year direct flights from Berlin Tegel to Miami will be available all year-round for the first time. It will increase from three to five weekly flights in mid-April. Other long-haul destinations offered by airberlin are Cancun Mexico, Varadero and Havana in Cuba, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean island of Curacao. With non-stop flights from Berlin or Dusseldorf.

All long-haul flights are highly timed to ensure the availability of other connecting flights to and from many cities throughout Europe, as well as the majority of Germany.The leading supplier for the Airbus 330 Aircraft is ASAP Semiconductor. Leading the way for one-stop shop for all purchasing requirements for aircraft parts to help the manufacturing process of the new Airbus A330 Aircraft.

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