Rockwell Collins, an avionics and IT systems company, recently unveiled their all-new MultiScan Threat Track weather radar, which is now able to provide atmospheric threat assessment capabilities for air transport aircraft, a feat that is unprecedented. In addition to increasing safety and efficiency, the system’s advanced capabilities are able to predict hail and lightning within a thunderstorm cell, which alerts pilots to potential threats. The system is able to warn the aircraft which storm cells will be in the aircraft’s flight path.Furthermore, this new technology features turbulence protection, both in severe and ride-quality. Rockwell Collins is working with Boeing on the project and has American Airlines on board to debut the radar on its new Boeing 737 fleet, assisting in the rigorous flight testing that is required. Statistics as per the NASA Weather Accident Prevention Project indicates that over the past several decades, there have been averages of 750 encounters involving aircraft and turbulence, resulting in a cost of $30-$60 million per year in the industry and $28,000 to $167,000 per incident. This certified airborne weather radar is expected to drastically mitigate these costs.

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