L-3 Aviation Products has launched their Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) products, part of their Lynx MultiLink Surveillance System (MSS) line. They also announced their formal plans for the authorization of the Lynx NGT-9000, submitted through Technical Standard Order (TSO). It is one of many models from the new line. This would bring them up to seven models: The NGT-9000, NGT-9000+, NGT-9000D, NGT-9000D+, NGT-2500, NGT-2000, and NGT-1000. The latter three are the more straightforward and inexpensive models for ADS-B equipage and cockpit integration. L-3 boasts affordability for their systems, but not at the cost of effectiveness. According to L-3: “The Lynx MultiLink Surveillance System are available to meet a variety of cost sensitive applications with full FAA January 1, 2020 compliance. All Lynx models feature an internal rule compliant position source (WAAS-GPS) and can re-use existing wiring and antennas to reduce installation times and costs. Designed for 14V or 28V installations, the Lynx MSS family of products offer an ADS-B solution to fit almost any cockpit and budget.” There have already been 10,000 Lynx NGT-1000s ordered by the NextGen GA Fund as part of their “Jumpstart GA 2020” program. The program has the intent of accelerating the general aviation community’s use of ADS-B Out avionics that are rule-compliant. “Lynx is unlike anything the marketplace is currently offering,” said Larry Riddle, L-3 Aviation Products Vice President of Marketing and Sales for business, regional, and general aviation.

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