Why Stainless Steel Is the Most Popular Fastener Material

Fasteners come in many forms, common examples being bolts, rivets, nuts, screws, and other such products. Beyond varying in type, fasteners may also be constructed from numerous materials to accommodate the particular requirements of an assembly. Out of all materials, stainless steel is considered to be the most popular choice for fasteners of all types, a result of its various advantages that make hardware high quality, reliable, and durable.

Stainless steel is somewhat of an umbrella term for a number of high corrosion-resistant steel alloys, all of which differ in their exact electrical and mechanical properties based on their particular makeup and composition. Generally however, the most common materials within such alloys include cooper, molybdenum, chromium, nickel, and tungsten.

While stainless steel cannot be lauded as a rust-free material, one of its primary selling points is its corrosion resistance that is fairly unmatched by other material options. While carbon steel becomes pitted and oxidized with exposure to air, stainless steel will simply produce chromium oxide under the same conditions while remaining protected from acid. With this capability, stainless steel can remain reliable over a longer period of time.

As stated before, stainless steel is a term that covers a number of material subtypes, and commonly used variants include austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, and precipitation hardened stainless steel. Each of these vary in their exact resistance capabilities and other features, so it is important to determine your exact needs before making a purchasing decision. While base materials may have their own qualities, surface coatings can be added to further adjust the properties of stainless steel fasteners. There are many forms of coatings that are used across industries, some notable examples being zinc, cadmium, PTFE, Xylon, phosphate, and hot-dipped galvanizing coated fasteners.

With reliable protection, ample strength, and other such beneficial properties, it is no surprise that stainless steel fasteners are highly advantageous for a wide variety of applications and industries. From food equipment to public transportation systems, one can find stainless steel fasteners in settings ranging from typical environments to those featuring highly hostile conditions. Even rigorous sectors like aviation steadily rely on the use of stainless steel fasteners to create reliable aircraft structures that can undertake a wide variety of stresses that range from corrosive forces to high pressures.

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