Landing Gear Maintenance and Its Importance

With the high weight of aircraft, impact forces of landing, and other stressors that are placed on landing gear, such equipment will face wear and tear over time. As it is hazardous to have a risk of equipment failure during flight, it is highly important that the maintenance of landing gear is carried out on a regular basis.

Landing gear is more of an umbrella term used to describe the various parts and systems that work together to allow for an aircraft to successfully operate on ground surfaces. As such, the assembly will consist of parts like tires, wheels, brakes, linkages, and more. During the landing process, a large amount of force is induced on landing gear components, and pneumatic shock absorbers serve to distribute impacts to mitigate wear. Nevertheless, landing gear components will still break down over time, necessitating regular inspection and maintenance. Beyond landing forces, wear and stress can also stem from towing, pressure washing, moisture, corrosion, and more. As many issues gradually increase and exhibit little signs of a problem, one must be adamant about carrying out checks.

To effectively carry out the maintenance of landing gear, there are a few practices that can be taken advantage of. For one, lubrication is a sure way to bolster the lifespan of landing gear equipment, allowing for moving parts to operate with minimal friction. Additionally, lubrication can also guard components from the harmful effects of moisture, further protecting the assembly during flight and while in storage. Beyond lubrication, a technician will also look over the shock struts, trunnion and brace assemblies, shimmy dampers, wheels, bearings, tires, and brakes. All electronics such as lighting and warning horns will also be looked over as they are crucial for safety and compliance. If any linkages or mechanisms are facing issues, they must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Additionally, having the aircraft inspected on a regular basis is extremely important as it can allow for issues to be found and remedied well before they become a hazard, lowering the chance of an unforeseen failure occurring during flight. During standard inspections, a qualified engineer will check the landing gear for any signs of cracking or scratching so that they can be recorded and repaired as necessary. With a proactive approach where issues are fixed as soon as they are found, operators can save money in the long run as major incidents are avoided.

Whenever you are conducting landing gear maintenance, it is important that you rely on certified and trustworthy engineers to get the job done right. Sourcing dependable parts is also crucial when a replacement is needed, further ensuring that issues are resolved. If you are in search of aircraft parts and components to fulfill your various maintenance endeavors, let the experts at ASAP AOG help you fulfill all your requirements quickly and easily.

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