MRO Operations: Activities and Options

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is essential for aircraft of all types, ensuring that they remain airworthy and safe to operate over time. As the aviation industry continues to advance with various technologies coming about, MRO activities must be advanced as well to meet increasing needs. For those involved in the industry, it is important to have a general understanding of the major types of MRO activities that are carried out, as well as what facilities may be used. As such, we will discuss MRO activities, facilities, and practices in brief detail so that you can be more aware of the various options available on the market.

MRO operations are broken into various categories of activities, each of which focuses on a different set of components or structures. With component MRO, mechanics will focus on the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of various components. Meanwhile, structural MRO focuses on the wider structure of the aircraft, meaning it will cover anything from the frame of the vehicle to its control surfaces. While airframe MRO may seem to overlap with structural MRO, it is more inclusive of sections like the landing gear, engine, and other assemblies that may not be entirely considered structural.

Line maintenance is another common MRO operation, and it is carried out while the aircraft is in service. Generally, this activity focuses on anything from simplistic checks to more complex repair needs. Another important activity is hangar MRO, and this is similar to line maintenance, though carried out when the aircraft is not in service.

While there are specific activities that are carried out for MRO practices, the particular execution of them can be done in various ways. As such, being familiar with the main forms of MRO facilities and repair arrangements is useful. One common form are independent repair stations free from aircraft manufacturer ownership, and they can serve airlines and other customers. Meanwhile, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can be a good choice when you are looking for the best service for a particular brand of items, as no other service will know such products better than the OEMs themselves.

For airlines in particular, MRO operations may be carried out internally if the entity has their own repair stations or OEMs that supply services. For military organizations, the same services are provided by defense MRO companies. These companies will generally have the best knowledge of operations concerning complex aircraft and their internal avionics systems. While such companies may be separate from the military itself, many militaries may operate the companies.

As the final two options, fixed-base operators and corporate flight operators are also available. With fixed-base operators, general aviation services like MRO activities are carried out, and parking and refueling will typically be offered as well. With corporate flight operators, corporate flight operators can take advantage of in-house activities to ensure all services are carried out with quality and care.

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