Mitsubishi MRJ Aircraft from Japan to the US

The first MRJ Mitsubishi arrived to the United States from its birth place in Japan. Prior upon arrival the aircraft was taken on a three-day stroll through various stops such as Hokkaido, Far East Russia and Alaska where the aircraft was departed. At 1:20 pm on October 17th, the first Mitsubishi Japanese aircraft was tested in the United States. The MRJ departed from the Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake to complete a three hour and eighteen-minute-long trip. Despite the MRJs record of two previous failed attempts, the company reported no abnormalities. The previous failures took place on August 27 and 28 where problems in the,” signals generated by sensors monitoring the airplane’s air management systems.” Due to such event the sensors have been replaced and performed regular inspections to avoid events such as these to happen soon.

Despite its delivery of one MRJ, Mitsubishi as a company is having difficulty being able to produce more aircrafts. Mitsubishi has spoken with its launch partner All Nippon Airways and there has been speculation of yet another delay in deliveries due to “technical reasons.”

Per a statement written to the Aviation International News, Mitsubishi did not tell All Nippon Airways that a delay would restrict them from delivery on time.

Although it has not Mitsubishi has not yet stated anything new additions have been started to be added to their facility in Moses Lake. Four prototypes have been said to be released from this facility which will also be the home of their flight testing. Also, including one of their latest model the FTA-3 scheduled to take its first flight on the 25th of September. Summing up a total of five flight test “articles” and expecting the fourth one to fly this year.

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