Boeing and Iran Air Announce Deal for 80 Airplanes

On December 11th 2016, there was an article published on Boeing’s website that says that there was a new contract that involves Boeing and Iran Air. There was a contract that was reached within the terms of the U.S. Government license.

This new contract has a rough cost of $16 billion. This $16 billion includes a wide, single aisle aircraft. The contract will also supply almost 100,000 U.S. jobs.

The 80 aircrafts that the contract approves of includes 15 777-9s, 15 777-300ERs, and 50 737 MAX 8s. The first airplanes for this contract plan to be ready for delivery in 2018.

There are over 13,000 US suppliers and vendors through all of the 50 states to ensure that this contract will be done in a timely manner. Boeing’s supply chain currently supports over 1 million US jobs.


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