Irelands Waypoint Lease Airbus helicopter to Global Helicopter Service GmbH

One of Irelands largest independent helicopter leasing company, Waypoint has been presented with the opportunity to lease a helicopter to German operator, Global Helicopter Service GmbH (GHS).  GHS is known to have a back ground in performing operations with their helicopters for humanitarian utility support missions. Waypoint official as Director of Middle East & Africa Sales and Relationship Management are excited about this deal and believe that this is a spark to a new light.

“This transaction is further evidence of Waypoint’s diversification and our ability to exploit opportunities in new markets and new segments.  A large number of helicopters are used in humanitarian support roles in Africa and around the world, and GHS is a market leader in the segment.  We are excited about executing our first lease with GHS and are confident that this transaction is the beginning of a long-term partnership.”

Waypoints Chief Executive Officer, Ed Washecka is confident in the H225 to be able to perform up to its expected capability. The H225 is the perfect model for replacing older less capable aircrafts on the market. As the aircrafts, will be used for humanitarian missions they were in need of a helicopter that was capable of long distances and able to do some semi heavy lifting.

This opportunity with GHS makes it the first humanitarian service that they are involved with a slight change than its usual oil and gas, utility, firefighting and other industrial-focused helicopter opera orations. Waypoint continues to grow as it currently has 1.6 billion in additional assests beyond their own company. Having over 140 aircrafts leased throughout 26 different leases in about an approximate 31 different countries. As the company continues to grow it also includes their order book with over 120 helicopters in the works priced at an approximate 1.5 billion that will be sent though out the course of 5 years.

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