Doors Finally Close For Lufthansa Technik Overhaul Division

Lufthansa’s Technik has had to hold their final farewell for their overhaul division in Hamburg, Germany. They will be wrapping up their work over the course of the year 2017 to finish up current projects. The finalization of their overhauling division is due to what is said to be “essential accord cost reductions” that have been setting back the company from reaching their further goals. With a large decision taking place and a lot at stake, officials have taken much into consideration over many hours of negotiation but conclude that the division will no longer be able to keep its doors open.

Over short notice it has said that,” Discussions with the wage accord partner, ver.di, ended without agreement..”

The closing over the Over haul division in Hamburg will affect an approximate 300 of the working 400 jobs that the division has created.

Fortunately, many of these workers will not be terminated, many of them will distributed to different divisions or “be offered alternatives, for example semi- retirement.” Lufthansa Technik has assured that all employees that have been affected will be offered reliable jobs and no terminations will take place at will.

It has been stated that this decision has been in the process as the Lufthansa Group is has been struggling with it over the years.

Aircraft overhaul in Hamburg has been under significant cost pressure for some time. Ground time work, especially for the Lufthansa Group, has still been carried out here in one dock recently.”

In result of the closing of the division plant aircrafts will be able to be taken and worked on in overhaul plants all across the globe.

Prospects can show that Lufthansa Technik will eventually offer aircraft overhaul services in their international locations in Budapest, Sofia, Shannon, Malta, Puerto Rico and Manila.

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