K-Max Heavy Lift Helicopter Returns

Helicopters are very useful to their accessibility and freedom of control in direction and elevation, they allow transportation to be easy within cities and handle many tasks on the way including lifting, transporting, recording, searching, rescuing and many more. One of those reasons has convinced Kaman Aerospace to bring back their K-Max heavy lift helicopter and re-open their assembly line in Bloomfield, Connecticut ending this long gap since the last time this helicopter has been manufactured or assembled.

On January 17 of 2017 Kaman Aerospace has announced and made it official that the heavy-lift helicopter is coming back and it will be delivered by the second quarter of this year. There will be multiple deliveries this year followed with more product assemblies in the following years. However, the first step is to get things back in motion and get this project started.

The total amount of K-Max helicopters that were built by Kaman Aerospace was about 38 and it all began back in 1994. They were and still are perfect for serving in a heavy duty work and they were very handy in the forestry area supporting loggers. They have been also used by firefighters because of their heavy duty advantage and can be very helpful in many situations. It has been reported also that the US Marines have used a similar helicopter in delivering supplies for the troops in Afghanistan.

This quality is bringing back the K-Max heavy-lift helicopter popular demand, this a great opportunity for Kaman Aerospace to bring back this helicopter with new updates and modifications that can be very handy for who is using it.

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