Global 7000 Aircraft Program First Test Flight

Bombardier Business Aircraft has announced that the maiden flight of the Global 7000 aircraft program has just been completed. This marks the start of the flight test program for the Bombardier aircraft family. The test flight took a total of two hours and twenty-seven minutes which saw the Global 7000 flight test vehicle take off from the Bombardier’s facility up in Toronto, Canada.

It was a basic system functionality test flight needed to evaluate the handling and flying qualities of the Global 7000 aircraft. The test flight reached an altitude of over 20,000 ft. at a predetermined speed of 240k and it was noted that all flight controls were exercised with impunity during the test. With the capability to carry up to eight passengers, Bombardier’s flagship Global 7000 is set to enter service by the second half of 2018. President of Bombardier Business Aircraft David Coleal believes that the Global 7000 aircraft program development is right on schedule and lauds it as being the industry’s most innovative and uniquely designed business jet.

Citing the incredible amount of knowledge, hard work and expertise, Coleal boasts that the Global 7000 business jet will establish an entirely exclusive category of large business jets. With four living spaces and a dedicated area for the crew, the Global 7000 has a new transonic wing design to offer non-stop flights anywhere between London, New York, Duba, UAE and Singapore to name a few.

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