The Galaxy Note 7 being released is Flaming Hot buy

Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Note 7 is having complications sustaining its self in hands of the customers. There has been a reported recall for an approximate 2.5 million devices that have already been distributed all over the world. Most recent issue involving the Galaxy note 7 is being able to turn them on or leave them charging while on a conducting aircraft. This precaution has been released by the (FAA) the US Federal Aviation Administration issuing a “warning not to charge or switch on Note 7 on board aircraft.”

To date Australia has taken repercussions to prevent such action from taking place on their local airlines. Airlines such as Qantas and Virgin Australia have advised passengers on board before dismissal of the aircraft to not turn on or charge galaxy note 7s.

“On board announcements are being made prior to departure to inform all guests,”

Virgin Australia said in a statement.” Not only does this take place do to the change of altitudes but happens on land as well. Known incident where a man’s phone exploded while he was fast asleep in a hotel room. Burning the bed sheets and carpet causing approximately 1,300 dollars in damages. The damages were agreed to be paid by Samsung with no further commentary.  Since its release on August 19th there has been 35 reported incidents of exploding batteries has been made public.  The Galaxy is defiantly not your average priced phone retailing for about 1,035 US dollars and no signs of it being devalued due to these cause of events.

Samsung Australia is aware of the situation and advises all customers that obtained the phone prior to knowing the circumstances, to return them to where they were purchased for safety issues. Samsung concludes with

“Samsung Electronics Australia advises all customers who use a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to power down their device, return it to its place of purchase and use an alternative device until a remedy can be provided.”

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