Comlux Purchases Bombardier’s Global Business Jet

Comlux has recently signed a contract to purchase Bombardier’s Global 6000 business jet for its VIP charter division Fly Columbus. Presently, Comlux operates six other Bombardier businesses jets that include the Global 5000, Global 6000, Challenger 605, and Challenger 850. The purchase will secure the firm’s role as a prominent provider in Europe, Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

Some of the services offered by Comlux includes wide-cabin and long-haul VIP aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, cabin design, completion, and aircraft maintenance. The firm operates worldwide, with locations in Almaty, Aruba, Bahrain, Malta, and Moscow, to name a few. Comlux America has also helped secure the company’s position since 2009, as it offers customers maintenance, refurbishing, upgrade, and Aircraft On Ground maintenance services.

Peter Likoray, the Senior Vice President of Sales at Bombardier Business Aircraft stated that the purchase shows the confidence Comlux exudes in Bombardier’s aircrafts. The Global 6000 business jet is made to fit the needs of Comlux’s top clients, focusing on comfort with larger cabin capacity, faster speed capabilities of up to 6,000 NM at M 0.84, and overall performance.


Comlux The Aviation group is at the forefront of business aviation, providing the uppermost standards of security and quality. Not only does it offer VIP Charter operations, but it also provides a set of services for VIP clients that include private aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, cabin design, completion, and maintenance and engineering services.


Bombardier is the global leader of plane and train manufacturing. They continue to develop their transportation to focus on efficiency, sustainability, and pleasant transport.

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