Bell 407 gets Update to Eagle 407HP Standard by Helicopter Express

Helicopter Express is the current operator to convert its Bell 407 by replacing the standard engine with Honeywell’s next-generation HTS900 propulsion engine. In early November, company delivered Eagle 407HP and make plans to use the helicopter for firefighting missions throughout the U.S. President and chief operating officer of Helicopter Express stated,

“Upgrading our Bell 407 to an Eagle 407HP will improve our ability to accomplish the most challenging firefighting missions with dramatically increased payloads. The Eagle 407HP powered by Honeywell is set to redefine the Type III class of firefighting helicopters.”

The HTS900 offers a dramatically upgraded performance on the Bell 407. Which gives the operators a faster, more powerful and more fuel-efficient helicopter that is ideal for demanding missions like security and law enforcement, forest management, emergency medical services firefighting and other utility services. The new updated technology includes a dual centrifugal compressor, cooled single-crystal turbine blades, effusion cooled combustor liner and a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control. Currently the engine generates more than 1,000 shaft horsepower and delivers the lowest fuel consumption and highest power-to-weight ratio of any engine in its class. By using the exclusive Eagle Copters conversion kit the helicopter was converted by Honeywell’s partner Eagle Copters. Stephane Arsenault, vice president, sales and marketing for Eagle Copters explains,

“This particular conversion was extremely streamlined as our production facility is completely functional. The purpose-built facility is housed in our maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Calgary, Canada. We now have the unique option for customers to bring their helicopter or purchase one already converted. We’re delighted to demonstrate our OEM-level capabilities on the Helicopter Express conversation, which opens the door for us to upgrade engines to the HTS900 on other customer-owned aircraft.”

Eagle Copter also plans to offer conversions in other locations which include Australia and Chile. ASAP Semiconductor are the leading distributor for all aircraft supplies, making it more convenient and cost-effective for customers to upgrade their aircraft.


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