VPT Inc. Introduces Hybrid DC-DC Converters For Extreme Environments

VPT Inc. has announced that they will be introducing the HTD Series of DC-DC converters in the iMAPS International Conference on High Temperature Electronics at HiTEC 2016 show. The HTD Series of DC-DC converters leverages VPT’s high-reliability power supply design heritage and is specifically designed to handle extreme temperatures and harsh environments which includes but is not exclusive to aircraft engine electronics and avionics along with a myriad of other industrial applications which would require reliable operation in these extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

The HTD isolated 1.5 watt DC-DC converter

operates from -55°C to 155°C and the HTD non-isolated DC-DC converters operate from -55°C to 185°C with each model having dual outputs and is manufactured using thick film hybrid microcircuit technology, bare semiconductor die integrated with passive components along with thick film conductors on a ceramic substrate. Within the HTD design are component-attach and die bonding which are optimized for high temperature life, and hermetic metal packaging protects internal components for the desired long-term reliability.

VPT’s Director of Advanced Product Development Steve Butler revealed that

“VPT developed these products specifically for reliable performance in settings which are both high-temperature and rugged, testing them extensively for operating life and temperature cycling over the full temperature range as well as for mechanical shock and vibration.”

Each of the HTD Series product has a low profile of 0.27” and measures in at less than an inch wide at 0.975” x 0.800”. Vice President of Sales & Marketing Monty Pyle believes that

“Electronics for downhole and near-engine applications must operate consistently within brutal environments and with VPT’s expertise in power supplies for space, avionics and rugged military applications, developing products for these high-temperature applications is just a natural extension of VPT’s high reliability product lines and core competency.”

The HTD Series of DC-DC converters are available for sale right and unit pricing starts at $700-800 (USD) for bulk purchases. Depending on product model custom versions may also be available. VPT, Inc. prides itself on being a global leader in providing power conversion solutions for use in avionics, military, and space applications and offers high-reliability DC-DC converters, EMI filters, accessory power products, and custom engineering services for the rapid development of critical power systems.


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