Bombardier Next Generation 73 Million Global 7000 Private Jet Planes

The new generation of Global 7000 private jets has gone under finalization in assembly, as confirmed by Bombardier. It has been mentioned that these jets are in the process of finalizing assembly in Bombardier’s Toronto factory.The three Global 7000 test planes have performed more than 500 hours of test flying so far.

Bombardier vice president, Francois Caza believes that the flight validation program for the Global 7000 aircraft’s is making stable progress due to the reliable and careful configuration of the aircraft. The substantial progress of testing on both structural and systems rigs is also reinforcing certification activities.

The assembly of two more test plants has contributed to the belief that the Global 7000 will complete both its testing and certification program which will enable Bombardier to enter service in the second half of 2018. Although the Global 7000 has been affected and postponed by financial struggles, these new private jets are projected to be efficiently equipped with top Bombardier aircraft parts, as well as a high price tag of 72.8 million US dollars.


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