New Innovative Cabin Technology is Introduced to Gulfstream

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp has created a new innovative system that is designed to make a better flight for passenger and operators. The Aerospace company newest connectivity program will enhance in-flight internet, entertainment, and voice. This newly installed connectively program has been implemented to help keep everyone on the aircraft stay intact with the world and not lose connectivity despite their altitudes of thousands of feet. Per a statement made by the President of Gulfstream Product Support, Mr. Dereck Zimmerman, he states that this innovation is what Gulf stream needs for a better more efficient connection for their customers.

“ It will make connectivity more accessible and easier to understand.The integration provides customers everything they need to create and maintain the ultimate experience in nose-to-tail connectivity. Gulfstream will be their single source for equipment, service networks, and technical support.”

Apart of these integrations, Gulfstream has paired up with Satcom Direct, a renowned Aviation and Global connectivity company to help further the project. Satcom officials are very eager and pleased to be able to be given the opportunity to display their products with such a respected Aircraft company.  

Along with the enhanced connection, Gulfstream also offers a bundled cabin option that is equipped with Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX the fastest in-air broadband system the industry has to offer. Along with the ConneX, there will be installed along with the Inmarsat’s Swift Broadband and ViaSat’s Ku-band service.  With an enhanced connection it allows for better safety systems such as the Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+ that is designed to better datalink services for the pilot to air traffic controller. The collaboration will enable customers to be able to troubleshoot and direct questions immediately to Satcoms on-site support team.

Gulf stream is yet to be finished with their installations as they plan to target other facilities nationwide. Locations that have yet to be installed are Appleton, Beijing, Brazil, Brunswick, California, China, Dallas, England, Florida, Georgia, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Luton, Massachusetts, Nevada, Savannah, Sorocaba, Texas, West Palm Beach, Westfield and Wisconsin


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