Boeing to Add Modification to P-8A Poseidon Production

On January 2, 2015 the Aerospace and Defense company, Boeing, was awarded a contract by the Naval Air Systems Command for the procurement of recurring Advanced Airborne Sensor Capability Platform Integration Kit In-Line modifications in support of the P-8A Poseidon . Contract work will be performed in Washington, California, New York, North Dakota, and is expected to be complete in April 2017. This $60 Million contract is an addition to Boeing’s $2.4 Billion contract for the production of P-8A Poseidon Aircraft that was awarded by the Navy on February 26, 2014. Based on Boeing’s next-generation 737-800 commercial airplane, the P-8A Poseidon gives the Navy improvements to anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. In addition, the P-8A is able to drop and monitor weapons such as sonobouys, torpedos, and depth charges. It is planned for Boeing aircrafts to provide a total of 117 P-8As to replace the current fleet of P-3 aircrafts. 

The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites. As one of the top 100 US Federal contractors, Boeing has amounted several billion dollars in government contracts providing aircraft and services to the United States defense system. Approximately 45% of the company’s income comes from Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security division alone with the company meeting over $86 billion in yearly revenue and $92.6 Billion in total assets. If you require Boeing Parts, ASAP AOG is your one-stop distribution center. Visit to browse an extensive parts inventory or contact us at for your parts purchasing needs.


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