Cessna Citation Longitude Nearing Completion

Textron Aviation, the general aviation business unit of the American Textron group, has recently been working towards creating a super-midsized jet named the Cessna Citation Longitude. This new aircraft is anticipated to be valued at $23.9 million, and currently seems to have relatively few development risks. Textron Aviation is taking advantage of their time-proven practice of adapting technologies and components from already existing models in order to create enhanced aircraft offerings to their customers.

Textron Aviation, for the first time ever, will be able to utilize the best technology and components from both Hawker and Cessna Citation lines, now that Beechcraft Corporation has joined Textron Aviation. The empennages as well as the wings from the Longitude and Hawker already share great similarities, though company officials are playing down any direct correlation between the two. The Longitude’s fuselage is around 4 feet longer, providing for better aerodynamic stability. The Longitude’s wingspan is also more than 5 feet longer due to the additional winglets.

The Longitude features a conventional aluminum monocoque fuselage that has been modified from the Latitude. In order to fit on the Longitude, the Latitude’s fuselage has been reinforced and stretched in order to fit an additional row of seats in the cabin. Ultimately, the Longitude is capable of seating eight people rather than six passengers.

The first test aircraft is near approaching final assembly, as it is currently on track for its maiden flight this summer. The Federal Aviation Administration type certification as well as entry into service is expected to take place in either the third or fourth quarter of 2017.


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