Embraer Rolls Out E190-E2

Just recently a rollout ceremony was held by Embraer to present their new E190-E2 narrow-body aircraft in front of a whole host of employees, friends, family and dignitaries assembled at their plant in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Pratt & Whitney’s PW1900G-powered E2 has already logged over 14,000 hours of flight tests and Embraer has since scheduled the prototypes first flight to occur in early July or August of this year.

The magnitude of the program requires that four prototypes are subjected to flight test with the second having advanced to the point of having wings attached to it by Embraer company with plans for the first three to take flight in 2016 and the fourth to fly with a full-loaded interior by 2017. Embraer has scheduled for the E190-E2 to be deliver in the first half of 2018, the E195-E2 in 2019 and finally the E175-E2 by 2020. With over 100 current-generation E-Jets being built a year, Embraer maintains they will continue production for both the E1s and E2s. Production rates for the E1s are expected to increase slightly and hold steady until at least 2020.

The expected capacity for the E2 models range anywhere from 70-130 comfortably with the E190-E2 serving as the baseline model which is comparable to the E190 but boasts an increase in range of more than 400 miles due to increased fuel efficiency. The E195-E2 which is the second model scheduled for production will carry three extra rows of four-abreast passenger seats bringing its maximum capacity to 144 passengers and will have a nearly five feet wingspan increase to improve performance in hotter and higher situations. The E2 family has already garnered 267 orders with options for another 373 should things proceed smoothly.


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