Airbus Drops P&W Engines for A321Neo First Flight, Uses CFM

Andrea Rothman from Bloomberg has released an article February 7th, 2016 talking about how Airbus Group SE will not be using the Pratt & Whitney engines for its A321neo. The reason why Airbus Group has decided against the engine is because the A321neo suffered engineering glitches during its very first test flight ever. Because of this, Airbus Group SE has been looking into other options and found the CFM International turbine as a replacement. CFM international is considered Airbus Group SE’s rival.The CFM International turbine is for single-aisle jets.

Even with this decision, Airbus has is still planning to deliver the first A321neos with the Pratt & Whitney engines by the tail end of 2016. As for the CFM International powered A321neos, those will be delivered more so in the early part of 2017. Although one might think this is a little counter intuitive, spokesman Schaffrathsaid assures that there are many different tests on the A321neo and that the tests are independent of engine type. He explicitly says that it “doesn’t matter” when it comes to the turbines that are used on the initial flights of the plane.

With all the complications with the A321eo, Sara Banda, a Pratt spokeswoman mentioned that the company did not want to speak for its clients. Qatar Airways Ltd, being the first A320neo customer, has recently mentioned that it would wait months before taking delivery of the plane after refusing the delivery last December 2015.

Boeing has released their direct model which competes against the A320neo just recently as well. This is considered the Boeing 737 Max. So far, Deutsche Lufthanasa AG has been the only airline that has taken delivery of an A320neo. According to Bloomberg, Airbus shares dropped 5.4 percent to close at 51.13 on Monday February 8th, 2016 which is considered their biggest one-day drop since December 2014.

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