Final Assembly Underway on First GE9X Engine

The first full GE9X engine is on track to debut its testing phase in the early half of 2016. The final assembly for the GE9X is the first step and will soon be ready to for its test run in Peebles, Ohio later this year. The GE9X Program began over five years ago and is the first engine to test FETT which will bring about a complete propulsion system. GE9X’s extensive tech maturation program will include both component and system-levels along with core demonstration testing to validate all the advance technologies and materials that are expected to comprise the GE9X. Bill Millhaem, the General Manager at GE Aviation of the GE90 and GE9X engine programs confirms that the project is ahead of schedule in regards to the assembly phase and will soon move to an extensive test phase which is only six months since the engine designs was finalized.

The second GE9X engine is scheduled for 2017 testing which ensures that god willing and with no unforeseen delays, the learnings from the FETT will be included in all certification engines, with the engine certification tentatively scheduled for 2018. The GE9X engines will be classified in the 100k pound thrust class making it the largest engine every produced boasting 16 fourth-generation carbon fiber composite fan blades and an enormous 134-inch diameter composite fan case.

Among the key features of this record engine includes a 3rd generationTAPS III combustor, CMC material in the combustor/turbine, and a next-generation 27:1 pressure ratio 11 stage high-pressure compressor. The massive GE9X engine program includes participation by luminaries in the field such as Snecma and Techspace Aero (Safran), IHI Corp, and MTU Aero Engines AG.GE, the leading provider of jet and turboprop engines/components and integrated systems has already taking in over 700 orders for the GE9X.

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