What Are Audio Transformers?

Like a transformer used to distribute power for residential and commercial purposes, an audio transformer functions similarly and is specifically designed to be implemented in audio circuits. Used to carry audio signals, audio transformers are electromagnetic systems applied to provide corresponding parts with filtered input and output signals. Within this blog, we will go over the different types of audio transformers and their primary functions.

Electromotive force, also known as voltage, is a key element that is transmitted between two operating circuits. Directing an AC signal passing through an input circuit to an output circuit, circuit assembly parts within an audio circuit are not connected to one another and work through the process of galvanic isolation to better eliminate stray currents. As these isolated transformers perform to filter out unwanted signals, they are also capable of suppressing electrical noise produced by sensitive components, all the while protecting against electrical shock. Types of audio transformers include impedance matching, step up, and step down audio transformers. Based on the construction of these parts, audio transformers and their components are also capable of including primary and secondary taps. This provides consumers with the flexibility to modify output instruments without any detrimental effects to an audio transformer.
Though circuit assembly parts for audio transmission relays can withstand varying levels of electromotive force around 20 to 20,000 Hz along the audio spectrum, there are instances where relays can be disrupted. Often appearing in the form of high distortion at low frequencies, accentuated bass, little to no bass, or a combination of the aforementioned problems, such issues that occur can be easily fixed. In such cases, to circumvent any issues created by transformer parts, one would need the appropriate components capable of relaying audio frequencies (AF) at varying input and output levels.
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