CFM International’s Leap-1A Engine Is Finally Delivered For The Airbus A320Neo Jetliner

On April 2, 2014 CFM International delivered the first of many LEAP engines for Airbus’s A320neo Jetliner, Boeing 737 Max, and Comac C919. CFM International is a joint venture of two major engine manufacturers, Sanfran of France and GE of the United States.

CFM International was established in 1974, and has provided more than 23,000 engines throughout their history.  The Leap program was originally called LEAP-X in 2008. The program calls for multiple engine types that will be listed and marketed as LEAP 1-A for Airbus A320neo, Leap-1B for Boeing’s 737 Max, and Leap 1C for Comac C919. It is stated that it will all models will reduce up 15% of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Olivier Andries, Safran engines chief stated at a ceremony, “CFM will be producing over 100 LEAP engines this year and over 500 next year”.  The total production by 2020 is 2,000 engines with over 6 different Airliners, with the main competition with Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G. During the ceremony, there was an homage to Gerhard Neumann, a German-born fighter who fought for the allies. Also, A French resistance hero, Rene Ravaud who was involved with the British bombing of Western France.

There have been some hiccups as of late with Airbus’s A320neo aircrafts with Pratt & Whitneys engines, consisting of engine software and hardware problems.  Also, there are talks that Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G will be a heavy price for Bombardier if and when they confirm their talks with Delta Air Lines for more 75 C Series fleet. If they come to an agreement there is going to be a need for more reliable engines like CFM International LEAP engines. Hopefully CFM International’s Leap program will be able to help fill the void in where Pratt & Whitney is leaving open for competition.

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