New CFM56-5B and -7B Engine Services Repair Capabilities added by S7 Technics

In a turn of events, S7 Technics, the premier Russian aerospace company, has been awarded the right to operate and overhaul engines of the CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B variety, all from its main campus at the Moscow airport. Many repair options will be available, which should broaden their customer base as the news gets out that they can now offer full repairs. Some repair options include ensuring pressure functions are correct, replacing or updating switches, nozzles and so much more.


The aircraft engines that have been added to the repair function are engines that can be found on the hugely popular Airbus A320 and the Bowing 737, two planes that most companies will have in their arsenal. As of late, the company has noticed a huge influx of demand for Russian built engines and Russian built engine overhaul capabilities.

Just one year after the company opened its doors, they were hit with the demand for more engines and more options. The company noticed the need Russia had for these products and wanted to make it so that they were able to get a good quality product when and where they needed it.

There have been some numbers given out to the public that state that in the next ten years alone the amount of money Russians will spend at MRO’s on just the two engine models that S7 Technic will operate on with the top out at over four billion dollars. A real change from back in the day when it was really hard to find a company that would work on your much-loved engine.


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