Know More About Aircraft Fuselage Structures

The fuselage is the most crucial component in an aircraft. Usually located in the middle section, it holds responsibility for securing the crew, passengers, and cargo. Contingent on the number of engines located in the aircraft, it may also contain the engine. The fuselage’s function is to position and stabilize the aircraft for enhanced performance and maneuverability. And believe it or not, but there are actually several different types of aircraft fuselage.

A truss structure is most often used in lightweight aircraft. It is usually made of welded steel tube trusses. Sometimes the truss can be made of wood. They are usually round and have lightweight stringers to help reach a prominent aerodynamic shape. A geodesic structure, which was most often used by the British Vickers during World War 2, seeks to enhance the aircraft’s shape in order to reduce the drag and enhance speed. Numerous strip stringers are connected around the formers in different spiral directions. Geodesic fuselage structures are lightweight, strong, and extremely durable. Most often, they are made of wood or aluminum with fabric over for the shell.

In a monocoque shell structure, the fuselage is planned within the aircraft’s primary structure. An early example of this fuselage type is the Lockheed Vega. The monocoque is designed and built with molded plywood and features numerous layers that shield a plug in the mold. Different versions of the monocoque shell include a fiberglass-type cloth with either polyester or epoxy resin.

There is also a semi-monocoque fuselage design, which like its name, holds similar characteristics to the monocoque structure. The semi-monocoque is preferred when constructing an aluminum fuselage. It features a frame designed to create the shell of the fuselage.

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