What Are Cylindrical Roller Bearings?

A bearing is a hardware component that serves assemblies in friction mitigation, and they can come in a variety of types depending on the need of the assembly. Roller bearings are a common variation, and they utilize rolling elements placed between races in order to minimize the forces of friction. Roller bearings are the oldest form of rolling-element bearing, and they come in a few common forms. The cylindrical bearing in particular is one in which cylinders are used as the rolling element. As bearing parts that excel under high speed and heavy radial loads, cylindrical roller bearings may be very beneficial for a number of applications.

As compared to other roller bearing types, the cylindrical roller bearing in particular features cylinders that are slightly larger in length as compared to their diameter. As the rollers are placed between two races, they can facilitate loads as the outer load is distributed across the rollers. As the ring rotates, around half of the cylindrical bearing parts will take on a static load at a time. Due to the construction of cylindrical roller bearings, they have a higher radial load capacity when compared to ball bearings, though they are not as capable when faced with axial loads. Additionally, it is important that the inner and outer races remain aligned with one another as any misalignment may result in a loss in bearing capacity.
Just as there are many variations of bearing parts to accommodate different needs, cylindrical bearing parts may also be procured in a number of sizes, designs, and variants. While most designs will be relatively similar to one another, the biggest differences may be found in the number of roller rows, inner and outer ring flanges, and cage designs or materials. Across all types, cylindrical bearings can be very beneficial due to their accommodation for axial displacement, low friction operation, high stiffness, and long service lives.

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