Russian Helicopters Offers Iran New Helicopters

Russian Helicopters is discussing the possible delivery of Mi-171, Mi-171E, Ka-32A11BC, and Ka-226T military helicopters to Iran.The company, which is part of State Corporation Rostec, met with the Iran Aviation Industries Organization and several businesses to discuss the matter. IAIO manages and controls the military aviation of Iran. Under its direction it overseas five organizations of the country: SAHA, HESA, PANHA, GHODS, and Shahid Basir Industry. Private companies such as Fanavaran Asemani, PARS Aviation Service, and Interavia were also involved in the discussions. With the growth of Iran’s economy in recent years, Russia has picked them as a prime destination for their solutions.

"Given the existing highways infrastructure in the regions, demand for helicopters among various agencies, and Iran's potential, cooperation on the delivery of Russian-made helicopters is sure to expand,” said Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO Alexander Shcherbinin. “Russian Helicopters possesses the production capacity needed to meet Iran's needs for modern helicopters in the shortest possible time."

The discussions also touched on potential opportunities for developing after-sales service provision for the new helicopters, which would include modernization, spare parts supply, repair work and also training for Iranian specialists.

Each helicopter would provide essential capabilities. The Mi-171 family is used primarily for transporting troops and cargo. It has twenty-six permanent seats with thirty-seven additional foldaway seats. The Ka-226T can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for Iran’s arid climate. Its maneuverability and power-to-weight ratio separate it from other helicopters in its class. It can navigate through mountains with ease, and has the ability to land in tight spots.The Ka-3211BC is used as a search helicopter, as well as transporting cargo if necessary. It can be used as a patrol copter and provide support. All can be used for fire-fighting operations if an emergency arises.

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