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Absorber, OvervoltageAccumulator, HydraulicActuator, Electro Mechanical, Rota
Actuator, Electro-Mechanical, LineAdapterAdapter, Bushing
Adapter, ConnectorAdapter, Electrical ConduitAdapter, Straight, Flange To Hose
Adapter, Straight, Flange To TubeAdapter, Straight, Hose To BossAdapter, Straight, Pipe To Boss
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To HoseAdapter, Straight, Pipe To TubeAdapter, Straight, Tube To Boss
Adapter, Straight, Tube To HoseAdapter, Switch ActuatorAdapter, Waveguide
Air Cleaner, IntakeAmplifier SubassemblyAmplifier, Electronic Control
Amplifier, Radio FrequencyAngle, StructuralAntenna
Antenna AssemblyAntenna ElementAntenna Subassembly
Arm, Switch ActuatorArm, Windshield WiperArmature Generator
Armature, MotorArmor PlateArmor, Supplemental, Small Arms Fr
Arrester, Electrical SurgeArrester, LightningAttenuator, Fixed
Attenuator, VariableAxle Assembly, Automotive, DrivingBackplane Assembly
Backshell, Electrical ConnectorBall JointBall, Bearing
Ball, Valve, PortedBallast, LampBand, Marker
Band, RetainingBar MetalBase, Antenna Support
Battery AssemblyBattery StorageBattery, Nonrechargeable
Beam, StructuralBearingBearing Half Set, Sleeve
Bearing Half, SleeveBearing Set, SleeveBearing Unit Plain
Bearing Unit, RollerBearing, Ball, AirframeBearing, Ball, Annular
Bearing, Ball, DuplexBearing, Ball, Rod EndBearing, Ball, Thrust
Bearing, Plain, Rod EndBearing, Plain, Self AligningBearing, Plain, Spherical
Bearing, Roller, CylindricalBearing, Roller, NeedleBearing, Roller, Self Aligning
Bearing, Roller, TaperedBearing, Roller, ThrustBearing, Shell
Bearing, SleeveBearing, Unit, BallBearing, Washer, Thrust
Bell CrankBellows, PressureBelt, Flat
Belt, Positive DriveBelt, VBelt, Vehicular Safety
Belts, V, Matched SetBlade Set, Steam TurbineBlade Set, Turbine, Nonaircraft Ga
Blade, Compressor, Aircraft Gas TuBlade, Turbine Rotor, Aircraft GasBlade, Windshield Wiper
Blading Set TurbineBody, ValveBolt
Bolt, Assembled WasherBolt, Close ToleranceBolt, Externally Relieved Body
Bolt, EyeBolt, Fluid PassageBolt, Internal Wrenching
Bolt, Internally Relieved BodyBolt, MachineBolt, Shear
Bolt, ShoulderBolt, SpecialBolt, U
Boot, Dust And Moisture SealBoot, Vehicular ComponentsBox Connector, Electrical
Box, Accessories StowageBracketBracket Angle
Bracket, AssemblyBracket, Double AngleBracket, Electrical Connector
Bracket, Eye, Nonrotating ShaftBracket, MountingBracket, Multiple Angle
Bracket, Structural Component, AirBracket, Vehicular ComponentsBracket-Eye-Rotating-Shaft
Braid, WireBrake DrumBrake Lining Kit
Brake ShoeBrake Shoe SetBrake, Electric
BreatherBrush Set, Electrical ContactBrush, Electrical Contact
BumperBus ConductorBushing
Bushing BlankBushing, Machine ThreadBushing, Nonmetallic
Bushing, PipeBushing, SleeveBushing, Tapered
Button, PlugCabinet, Electrical EquipmentCable And Conduit Assembly, Elect
Cable AssemblyCable Assembly Set, ElectricalCable Assembly Spec
Cable Assembly, ControlCable Assembly, Power, ElectricalCable Assembly, Printed, Flexible
Cable Assembly, Radio FrequencyCable Assembly, Radio Frequency, BCable Assembly, Special Purpose, E
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, ElectricalCable Assembly, Special Purpose, Electrical, BranchedCable Nipple, Electrical
Cable, Power, ElectricalCable, Radio FrequencyCable, Special Purpose, Electrical
Cam Follower, Needle BearingCam, ControlCamshaft, Engine
Cap, ElectricalCap, Filler OpeningCap, Ignition Distribution
Cap, Linear Actuating CylinderCap, Pillow BlockCap, Pipe
Cap, Protective, Dust And MoistureCap, TubeCap, Valve
Cap-Plug, Protective, Dust And MoiCapacitorCapacitor Assembly
Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic DielectrCapacitor, Fixed, Ceramic DielectricCapacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic
Capacitor, Fixed, Glass DielectricCapacitor, Fixed, Metallized, PaperCapacitor, Fixed, Metallized, Paper Plastic Dielectri
Capacitor, Fixed, Mica DielectricCapacitor, Fixed, Paper DielectricCapacitor, Fixed, Plastic Dielectr
Capacitor, Fixed, Plastic DielectricCapacitor, ResistorCapacitor, Variable, Air Dielectri
Capacitor, Variable, Ceramic DieleCapacitor, Variable, Glass DielectCarburetor Float
Caster, SwivelCatch, ClampingCatch, Flush
Chain, RollerChamber, Air BrakeChannel, Aircraft
Channel, StructuralCharger BatteryChassis, Electrical-Electronic Eq
Circuit BreakerCircuit Card AssemblyCircuit-Card-Assemb
Circulator, Radio FrequencyClampClamp Hose
Clamp LoopClamp, BlockClamp, Cable, Electrical Connector
Clamp, HubClamp, SynchroClevis, Rod End
ClipClip, ElectricalClip, Retaining
Clip, Spring TensionClutch Assembly, FrictionCock Drain
Cock, PlugCock, Poppet DrainCoil, Electrical
Coil, Radio FrequencyCollar ShaftCollar, Pin Rivet
Computer DigitalComputer SubassemblyComputer System, Digital
Conduit Assembly, Metal, FlexibleConduit Assembly, Nonmetallic, EleConduit Outlet
Conduit, Nonmetallic, FlexibleCone And Rollers, Tapered RollerConnecting Link, Rigid
Connecting Rod, PistonConnectorConnector Assembly, Electrical
Connector Body, Plug, ElectricalConnector Body, Receptacle, ElectrConnector Body, Receptacle, Electrical
Connector, ElectricaConnector, Multiple, Fluid PressurConnector, Plug, Electrical
Connector, Receptacle, ElectricalConnector, Rod EndContact Assembly, Electrical
Contact, ElectricalContactor, MagneticControl Assembly, Push Pull
Controller, MotorCooler, Lubricating Oil, EngineCord Assembly, Electrical
Core, Electromagnetic ComponentCoupler, AntennaCoupler, Directional
Coupler, OptoelectronicCoupler, Rotary, Radio FrequencyCoupling Assembly, Quick Disconne
Coupling Half, Quick DisconnectCoupling Half, Self SealingCoupling Half, Shaft
Coupling Shaft, RigidCoupling, Clamp, GroovedCoupling, Hose
Coupling, PipeCoupling, Shaft, FlexibleCoupling, Tube
Cover, Cover, Access, AircraftCover, Access.
Cover, Electrical ConnectorCover, Protective, Dust And MoistuCover, Terminal Board
Crankshaft EngineCross TubeCrystal Unit, Quartz
Cup, Tapered Roller BearingCutter, Milling, EndCylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, LinearCylinder Assembly, Hydraulic BrakCylinder Head, Diesel Engine
Cylinder SleeveCylinder, Actuating, LinearDeflector, Dirt And Liquid
Delay LineDial, ControlDial, Scale
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, SpecialDiaphragm, Valve, FlatDisc, Brake
Disk Drive UnitDisk Solid PlainDisk, Abrasive
Disk, Clutch, NonvehicularDisk, Clutch, VehicularDisk, Valve
Display UnitDisplay, OptoelectronicDistribution Box
Divider, Power, Radio FrequencyDoor, Access, AircraftDoor, Access, General Purpose
Door, AircraftDoor, VehicularDrill, Twist
Drive Unit, AngleDrive, Engine, Electrical StarterDuct Assembly, Air Conditioning H
Duct Assembly, Bleed AirDummy Connector, PlugDummy Connector, Receptacle
Dummy Load, ElectricalElbow Pipe To TubeElbow, Flange To Hose
Elbow, Flange To TubeElbow, HoseElbow, Pipe
Elbow, Pipe To HoseElbow, TubeElbow, Tube To Boss
Elbow, Tube To HoseElectron TubeElectronic Components Assembly
Electronic Module, StandardizedEnd Bell, Electrical Rotating EquEngine Diesel
Engine, GasolineExpansion Joint, PipeExtender Card, Electronic Test
Extractor, Electrical CardEyelet, MetallicFairing, Aircraft
Felt, Mechanical, PreformedFender, VehicularFerrule, Metallic Shielded Cable,
FilterFilter Assembly, ElectricalFilter Band Pass
Filter Element, FluidFilter Element, Intake Air CleaneFilter, Fluid
Filter, Indicator LightFilter, Low PassFilter, Radio Frequency Interfere
Filter, Radio Frequency InterferenceFittingFitting Assembly
Fitting, LubricationFitting, Structural Component, AirFixture, Lighting
Flange, PipeFlap, Wing LandingFlashlight
Floodlight, ElectricFloor, AircraftFlywheel, Engine
Foam Segment, Explosion SuppressaFormer, AircraftFrame Section, Structural, Vehicul
Frame, AircraftFuel Control, Main, Turbine EngineFuse Cartridge
Fuse, Inclosed LinkFuseholder, BlockFuseholder, Extractor Post
Gage, Plug, Plain CylindricalGage, Pressure, Dial IndicatingGage, Profile
GasketGasket And Seal SetGasket, Set
Gasket, Spiral WoundGasketing Material, ConductiveGear
Gear Assembly, Speed DecreaserGear BevelGear Cluster
Gear HelicalGear Operator, ValveGear Set, Bevel, Matched
Gear WormGear, Antibacklash, SpurGear, Drive Motion
Gear, InternalGear, RackGear, Spur
Gear, Worm WheelGearcase MotorGearshaft, Bevel
Gearshaft, HelicalGearshaft, SpurGenerator, Alternating Current
Generator, Engine AccessoryGovernor, Diesel EngineGrille, Metal
Grommet, MetallicGrommet, NonmetallicGuard, Mechanical Drive
Guard, SwitchGuide, Valve StemHandle, Bail
Handle, BowHandle, DoorHandle, Door, Vehicular
Handle, Manual ControlHandsetHandwheel
Hanger, PipeHardware Kit, Electronic EquipmenHead, Linear Actuating Cylinder
Headset MicrophoneHeadset, ElectricalHeat Sink Insulator
Heat Sink, Electrical ElectronicHeat Sink, Electrical Electronic ComponentHeater, Thermal Release
Hinge Access DoorHinge, ButtHolder Assembly, Electrical Conta
Holder, Electrical CardHolder, Electrical Contact BrushHolder, Printed Circuit Board
Holder, SpringHoseHose Assembly Nonmetallic
Hose Assembly, MetallicHose PreformedHose, Air Duct
Hose, AssemblyHose, MetallicHose, Nonmetallic
HousingHousing, Antifriction Bearing, AirHousing, Bearing Unit
Housing, Electronic ComponentsHousing, Mechanical DriveHub, Body
Hub, Wheel, VehicularImpeller, Fan, AxialIndicator, Dial
Indicator, LightInjector Assembly, FuelInsert, Electrical Connector
Insert, Engine Valve SeatInsert, Flexible CouplingInsert, Legend, Light Indicator
Insert, Panel FastenerInsert, Screw ThreadInserter, Bearing And Bushing
Insulation Blanket, Thermal, AircrInsulation Pipe Covering, ThermalInsulation Sleeving, Electrical
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, SInsulation, Duct, AircraftInsulation, Thermal, Special Purpo
Insulation, VehicularInsulatorInsulator, Bushing
Insulator, DiskInsulator, PlateInsulator, Standoff
Insulator, WasherIntegrated CircuitInterface Unit, Automatic Data Pr
Inverted Nut, Tube CouplingInverter, Power, StaticIsolator, Radio Frequency Reflect
Jack TipJack, TelephoneJackscrew, Electrical Connector
Junction BoxKeyKey, Machine
Key, WoodruffKeyboard, Data EntryKeytop Keyboard
Knob.Lamp, CartridgeLamp, Fluorescent
Lamp, GlowLamp, IncandescentLampholder
Latch, Door, VehicularLead Assembly, ElectricalLead Electrical
Lead, Ignition, EngineLead, Storage BatteryLeading Edge, Aircraft
Leaf, Butt HingeLens LightLever
Lever Lock, ReleaseLever, Manual ControlLever, Remote Control
Light Assembly, IndicatorLight Emitting DiodeLight Indicator
Light, Marker, ClearanceLight, Navigational, AircraftLight, Panel
Line Section, Radio Frequency TraLine, Radio Frequency TransmissioLining Friction
Link, Roller ChainLock, Valve Spring RetainerLocking Plate, Nut And Bolt
Locknut, Tube FittingLongeronLoudspeaker, Permanent Magnet
Magnet, PermanentManifold Assembly, HydraulicManifold, Exhaust
Manifold, Fluid, AircraftManifold, Hydraulic System AccessMarker Strip, Terminal Board
MicrocircuitMicrocircuit AssemblyMicrocircuit Linear
Microcircuit, DigitalMicrocircuit, Digital LinearMicrocircuit, Hybrid
Microcircuit, MemoryMirror Assembly, RearviewMotor Tachometer Generator
Motor, Alternating CurrentMotor, ControlMotor, Direct Current
Motor, GeneratorMotor, Windshield Wiper, ElectricMount, Resilient
Mount, Resilient, General PurposeMount, Resilient, Weapon SystemMounting Base, Electrical Equipme
Mounting Base, Tiedown, ElectricalMounting Pad, Electrical ElectronMuffler, Exhaust
Nipple PipeNipple, BossNipple, Tube
Nozle Diaphragm, TurbineNozle, Diaphragm, TuNozle, Fuel Injection
Nozle, Spray, Fluid EmulsionNutNut Assembly, Self Locking, Gang Channel
Nut Plain HexagonNut Spacer, PlateNut Special
Nut, Plain ClinchNut, Plain PlateNut, Plain, Blind Rivet
Nut, Plain, CapNut, Plain, Castellated, HexagonNut, Plain, Extended Washer, Hexago
Nut, Plain, KnurledNut, Plain, RoundNut, Plain, Slotted, Hexagon
Nut, Plain, WingNut, Self Locking, Blind RivetNut, Self Locking, Double Hexagon
Nut, Self Locking, Extended WasherNut, Self Locking, HexagonNut, Self Locking, Plate
Nut, Self Locking, SplineNut, Self-Locking, BarrelNut, Self-Locking, Clinch
Nut, Self-Locking, RoundNut, Sheet SpringNut, Sleeve
Nut, Tube CouplingNut, UnionO Ring
Oil Pump Assembly, EngineOscillator, Crystal ControlledOscillator, Noncrystal Controlled
PackingPacking AssemblyPacking Assortment, Preformed
Packing NutPacking With RetainerPacking, Material
Packing, PreformedPad, CushioningPanel, Blank
Panel, Body, VehicularPanel, Control, Electrical ElectroPanel, Electrical Electronic Equi
Panel, Indicating Light TransmittPanel, IndicatorPanel, Power Distribution
Panel, Radio Frequency/ElectromagPanel, Structural, AircraftParts Kit, Ball Valve
Parts Kit, CarburetorParts Kit, Engine Water PumpParts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Master
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake WheelParts Kit, Linear Actuating CylinParts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha
Parts Kit, Solenoid ValveParts Kit, Universal JointParts Kit, Valve
PawlPinPin, Cotter
Pin, Grooved, HeadedPin, Grooved, HeadlessPin, Hollow
Pin, LockPin, PistonPin, Quick Release
Pin, RivetPin, Shoulder, HeadedPin, Shoulder, Headless
Pin, SpringPin, Straight, HeadedPin, Straight, Headless
Pin, Straight, ThreadedPin, Tapered, PlainPin-Rivet, Threaded
Pipe Assembly, MetalPipe, ExhaustPipe, Metallic
PistonPiston, Internal Combustion EnginPiston, Linear Actuating Cylinder
Piston, ValvePlatePlate, Electrical Shield
Plate, IdentificationPlate, InstructionPlate, Mending
Plate, MetalPlate, MountingPlate, Retaining Shaft
Plate, Retaining, BearingPlate, Retaining, Electrical ConnePlate, Retaining, Seal
Plate, Structural, AircraftPlugPlug Assembly, Sealing
Plug, ExpansionPlug, Machine ThreadPlug, Pipe
Plug, Protective, Dust And MoisturPlug, TipPlug, Tube Fitting, Threaded
Plug, VentPlunger, DetentPlunger, Quick Release
Pointer DialPolarizing Key, Electrical ConnecPost, Binding, Electrical
Power Strip, Electrical OutletPower SupplyPower Supply Assembly
Power Supply SubassemblyPrinted Circuit BoardPrinted Wiring Board
Printer, Automatic Data ProcessinPropeller Shaft With Universal JPropeller Shaft, Vehicular
Protector, Thermal Overload, ElectPuller, MechanicalPulley, Flat
Pulley, GroovePump, Cooling System, EnginePump, Fuel, Cam Actuated
Pump, Fuel, ElectricalPump, Fuel, Metering And DistributPush Button
Pylon, AircraftRack, Electrical EquipmentRadiator, Engine Coolant
RadomeReactorReamer, Machine
Receptacle, Turnlock FastenerRectifier MetallicRectifier, Semiconductor Device
Rectifier, Semiconductor Device, UReducer, BossReducer, Pipe
Reducer, TubeRegulator, Engine GeneratorRegulator, Voltage
RelayRelay AssemblyRelay, Electromagnetic
Relay, HybridRelay, ReedRelay, Rotary
Relay, Solid StateRelay, ThermalResistance Element
ResistorResistor AssemblyResistor Network, Fixed, Film
Resistor Set, MatchedResistor, AdjustableResistor, Chip, Fixed, Film
Resistor, Fixed, CompositionResistor, Fixed, FilmResistor, Fixed, Wire Wound
Resistor, Fixed, Wire Wound, InductResistor, Fixed, Wire Wound, InductiveResistor, Fixed, Wire Wound, Nonind
Resistor, Fixed, Wire Wound, NoninductiveResistor, ThermalResistor, Variable, Nonwire Wound,
Resistor, Variable, Nonwire Wound, NonprecisionResistor, Variable, Wire Wound, NonResistor, Variable, Wire Wound, Nonprecision
Resistor, Variable, Wire Wound, PreResistor, Variable, Wire Wound, PrecisionResistor, Voltage Sensitive
Resolver, ElectricalRestrictor Unit, Fluid FlowRestrictor, Fluid Flow
RetainerRetainer And Rollers, BearingRetainer Ejector, Electrical Card
Retainer, CapacitorRetainer, Disk, ValveRetainer, Electrical Connector
Retainer, Electrical SwitchRetainer, Electron TubeRetainer, Helical Compression Spr
Retainer, Nut And BoltRetainer, PackingRetainer, Seal
Retainer, Seat ValveRib, AirfoilRib, Stiffener, Aircraft
RingRing Set PistonRing, Bearing, Inner
Ring, Bearing, OuterRing, Externally ThreadedRing, Piston
Ring, RetainingRing, WiperRivet Blind
Rivet, SolidRivet, TubularRocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve
Rod End, ThreadedRod, Piston, Linear Actuating CyliRod, Straight, Headless
Rod, Threaded EndRoller BearingRoller, Linear Rotary Motion
Rotor, GeneratorRotor, MotorRubber Strip
Saturable ReactorScrewScrew Assembly, Panel
Screw MachineScrew, Assembled WasherScrew, Cap Socket Head
Screw, Cap, Hexagon HeadScrew, Close ToleranceScrew, Drive
Screw, Externally Relieved BodyScrew, ShoulderScrew, Special
Screw, TappingSealSeal Assembly
Seal OilSeal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine EnSeal, Metallic, Aircraft Gas Turbi
Seal, Nonmetallic Round SectionSeal, Nonmetallic Special ShapedSeal, Nonmetallic Strip
Seal, PlainSeal, Plain EncasedSeal, Ring, Metal
Seal, SpecialSeal, WaveguideSeat, Aircraft
Seat, Helical Compression SpringSeat, ValveSeat, Vehicular
Semiconductor Device AssemblySemiconductor Device SetSemiconductor Device, Diode
Semiconductor Device, PhotoSemiconductor Device, ThyristorSemiconductor Devices, Unitized
Servovalve, HydraulicSetscrewShaft
Shaft Assembly, FlexibleShaft, Axle, AutomotiveShaft, Drive, Flexible
Shaft, ShoulderedShaft, StraightSheet, Metal
Shell, Electrical ConnectorShield, Electron TubeShield, Electronic Components
Shield, Heat, Aircraft Gas TurbineShielding Bead, ElectronicShielding Gasket, Electronic
Shifter Fork, VehicularShimShim, Set
Shock Absorber, Direct ActionShoe, Thrust BearingSkin Aircraft
SleeveSleeve And Slide, Directional ConSleeve, Clinch, Tube Fitting
Sleeve, Compression, Tube Hose FitSleeve, Flared, Tube FittingSleeve, Marker, Cable
Sleeve, Seal CouplerSleeving, Textile, ElectricalSlide Section, Drawer, Extension
Slide, Directional Control LinearSlide, Drawer, ExtensionSocket, Plug In Electronic Compon
Socket, Plug In Electronic ComponentsSocket, Socket WrenchSolenoid, Electrical
SpacerSpacer TaperedSpacer, Plate
Spacer, RingSpacer, SleeveSpacer, Special Shaped
Spacer, StraightSpar, AircraftSpark Plug
Spider, Universal Joint, VehicularSpindle, Wheel, Driving NondrivingSplice, Conductor
SpringSpring SpecialSpring, Flat
Spring, Helical CompressionSpring, Helical, ExtensionSpring, Helical, Torsion
Spring, LeafSpring, Spiral, TorsionSprocket Wheel
Standoff, Threaded, SpacingStarter, Engine, ElectricalStarter, Motor
Stator, MotorStem, Fluid ValveStem, Valve
Stiffener, AircraftStop, MechanicalStrainer Element, Sediment
Strainer, SedimentStrap, RetainingStrap, Tiedown, Electrical Compone
Strap, WebbingStrike, CatchStrip, Electrical Grounding
Structural Section, Special ShapeStudStud Assembly, Turnlock Fastener
Stud, Continuous ThreadStud, Locked InStud, Plain
Stud, Self LockingStud, ShoulderedStud, Shouldered And Stepped
Stud, SteppedStud, Turnlock FastenerStuffing Tube
Support, AntennaSupport, Structural Component, AirSupport, Structural Component, Aircraft
Suppressor, ParasiticSwitchSwitch Assembly
Switch Section, RotarySwitch ThermostaticSwitch, Box
Switch, Code Indicating WheelSwitch, ElectricalSwitch, Electronic
Switch, FlowSwitch, LeverSwitch, Liquid Level
Switch, LockSwitch, PressureSwitch, Proximity
Switch, PushSwitch, Push PullSwitch, Radio Frequency Transmiss
Switch, RotarySwitch, SensitiveSwitch, Slide
Switch, SubassemblySwitch, ToggleSwitch, Waveguide
Synchro, Control TransformerSynchro, TransmitterTailpiece, Union
Tank Fuel AircraftTank, Fuel EngineTape, Insulation, Electrical
Tappet, Engine Poppet ValveTee Pipe To TubeTee, Pipe
Tee, TubeTee, Tube To BossTerminal Board
Terminal BoxTerminal Junction Block, SectionaTerminal Strip, Grounding
Terminal, FeedthruTerminal, LugTerminal, Quick Disconnect
Terminal, StudThumbscrewTie Rod End, Steering
Tie Rod, SteeringTire, Pneumatic, VehicularTransformer
Transformer AssemblyTransformer, Audio FrequencyTransformer, Current
Transformer, PowerTransformer, Power AutotransformeTransformer, Pulse
Transformer, Radio FrequencyTransistorTripper, Circuit Breaker
TubeTube And Fittings, MetallicTube Assembly Metal
Tube MetallicTube, AssemblyTube, Bent, Metallic
Tubing Assembly, NonmetallicTubing NonmetallicUnion, Pipe
Union, TubeUniversal Joint, NonvehicularUniversal Joint, Vehicular
ValveValve AngleValve Assembly, Manifold
Valve PlugValve VentValve, Assembly
Valve, BallValve, Bleeder, Hydraulic SystemValve, Brake Pneumatic
Valve, ButterflyValve, Calibrated FlowValve, Check
Valve, Diaphragm, StopValve, ExpansionValve, Flow Control
Valve, GateValve, GlobeValve, Linear Directional Control
Valve, Poppet, EngineValve, Regulating, Fluid PressureValve, Regulating, Temperature
Valve, Relief, Pressure And TemperValve, Restrictor CheckValve, Rotary, Selector
Valve, Safety ReliefValve, ShuttleValve, Solenoid
Valve, Stop CheckVane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas TurWasher
Washer, ConcaveWasher, FlatWasher, Key
Washer, KeywayWasher, LockWasher, Recessed
Washer, SealWasher, ShoulderedWasher, Special
Washer, SplitWasher, Spring TensionWaveguide
Waveguide AssemblyWeb, Structural Component, AircrafWeight, Counterbalance
Wheel, AbrasiveWheel, Pneumatic TireWinding, Generator Field
Winding, Motor FieldWindow Panel, AircraftWindow, Dial
Window, VehicularWire ElectricalWire Mesh, Knitted
Wire Rope Assembly, Single LegWire, NonelectricalWiring Harness
Wiring Harness BranchedWorm, ShaftWrench, Spanner
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular