Vietjet and Airbus to Establish A320 Flight & Maintenance Training Services in Ho Chi Minh City

Airbus has entered into an agreement with Vietjet to extend flight training and maintenance services in Ho Chi Minh City for the airline. It is expected based upon the mutual agreement that the flight training center will feature a FFS Airbus A320 full-flight simulator to train the flight crew in anticipation of the Airbus A320 being introduced into service. The agreement also stipulates that Airbus’s training and course material is provided via the Maintenance training services by its dynamic trainers and techniques.

Vietjet will be brought up to speed regarding the Airbus and EASA standards by way of the ACT or Airbus Competence Training. VP of Vietjet Dinh Viet Phuong believes that Vietjet and Airbus have created a perfect union and that this agreement is marks the beginning of a fruitful and long-lasting relationship to celebrate a grand new milestone for both companies. With Vietjet’s continued growth as the main focus, the inclusion of Airbus into the fray as well as adopting the Airbus methods for training and maintenance will be the main catalyst for bringing Vietjet’s flight capabilities, maintenance policies and procedures up to the internationally recognized standards. Head of Airbus CS, Didier Lux opines that Airbus has left an ever-lasting footprint upon the Vietnam aviation industry with this agreement.

This union will ensure that the customers and employees will enjoy more efficient service, the most hospitable customer service and support in the shortest amount of time and proximity for Vietnam. With more than 16,000 aircrafts in more than 80 countries and close to 400 customers, Airbus has been an industry leader and pioneer in producing the worlds’ most modernized fleet of airliners. Vietnam has long been a hotbed for traveling and tourist destination so it is only fitting that with the help of Airbus, Vietjet will finally be enter the forefront of flight capabilities and maintenance training services that the rest of the world has enjoyed.

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