Textron Wins $17.4m Contract to Train Afghan National Army with Mobile Strike Force Vehicles

Textron Systems Marine and Land Systems has recently been awarded a contract to provide in-depth training to the Afghan National Army for their four-wheeled Mobile Strike Force Vehicles (MSFVs). This interim contractor training support contract, which is valued at $17.4 million, was awarded by the United States Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command. Under this contract, the Textron Systems in-country team will be required to provide on-the-job mentorship and training, which should hopefully enable the Afghan National Army personnel to carry out extensive repair and maintenance actions in order to maintain its MSFV fleet over a one-year performance period. In addition to the on-the-job support, Textron’s team will also be training and mentoring the Afghan National Army on supply and inventory system activities, and will also be developing and delivering program instruction manuals.

"The goal of this training program is to equip the Afghan National Army with the required skills to be fully self-sufficient in all aspects of maintaining and sustaining its MSFV fleet over the long haul,” said Tom Walmsley, Textron Systems senior vice-president and general manager. "This training supports the United States' strategic objective of transitioning the security mission in Afghanistan to that nation's military."

Textron has handed over more than 620 MSFVs to the Afghan National Army since 2012. Over 550 of these MSFVs are reported to be actively engaged in security missions in strategic locations all across the country. To date, the Textron team has already supported MSFVs in-country program efforts for over four years. They have also trained more than 2,200 Afghan National Army soldiers on field-level maintenance and operation in classroom environments, while also providing these soldiers with thorough hands-on experience.

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