Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW200 Engine Thrives in Asia

For consumers in Asia, Canada’s very own PW200 engine by Pratt & Whitney is the top selection and preferred turboshaft engine. Many of the top aircrafts such as the Finmeccanica AW109E Power and AW109 Grand, Kazan Ansat and the MD Explorer 900 series, Airbus’s H135, and the Bell 427/429 are powered by the PW200. Vice President of Marketing at Pratt & Whitney, Irene Makris believes that there is a reason the PS200 is the preferred engine of choice in regards to light-twin helicopters for the majority of the world. Makris unwavering is adamant that no other engine in the world can match the PW200 in terms of performance and reliability citing its low fuel consumption, the light-weight compact architectural design and the green-conscious and environmentally friendly low emission rates.  With more than nine million hours logged, the PW200 has proven time over time that it is an incomparably dependable engine.

This coupled with its minimalistic low operating costs and maintenance requirements has sustained its consumer-centric appeal in the ever-growing market with the majority of the light twin helicopters in the Asia Pacific rocking either the PW200 or the PW206B. Recently the PW206B has been gaining incredible momentum and popularity for their use in the new H135 helicopters that are used primarily for training missions and emergency medical rescues in the Malaysian, Indonesian, and Japanese airspace. With only three major rotating components and a simplistic modular design, the PW200 engine is the poster child for minimalistic aircraft maintenance. Driven by single stage turbine with a PT6-style reverse flow combustor, the single stage centrifugal compressor powers a free standing single stage power turbine. The power turbine continually drives the output shaft through a reduction gearbox mounted in the front and through a combination of the reduction, engine accessory gearbox and the integral oil tank, the PW200 is able to maintain a compact design despite the obvious power the engine generates. The PW200 has over nine different applications with just a shade under 4000 engines in circulation and servicing over 80 countries worldwide.

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