New Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines to Enter Service

In 2015, the American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney is set to debut several new aircraft engines. After several failures in the oil systems along with failed ground runs, their now successful designs set the Pratt & Whitney-powered Airbus A320neo and the Bombardier CSeries for service entry—respectively bringing the PW1100G and PW1500G into official use. This will allow Pratt & Whitney to bring their commercial engine PW1000G to life along with the first flight of the PW1200G-backed Mitsubishi Regional jet. Gulfstream will also start to see the first flight tests of their new large cabin, long range business jets which are powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 engines. The PW800 is based on the same core as the CSeries PW1500G but does not include the fan drive gear system. The G500 is due to be in service come 2018, while the G600 will debut in 2019. The largest new military engine program remains Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Securing a nearly USD$1 billion contract, Pratt & Whitney has been tapped for an eighth production lot of 48 engines along with an implementation of a production line and retrofitting fixes. Coming 2016, Pratt & Whitney looks to increase production of F-35 and KC-46A tanks with a goal of 200 engines per year by 2020.

In the immediate future, Pratt & Whitney will compete with General Electric and Rolls-Royce for a U.S. Air Force bid for the adaptive engine transfer program. With an expected start date in September 2015, the U.S. Air Force looks to pave the way for an adaptive 45,000-lb thrust class combat engine with potential use on future combat aircrafts. With the program to begin in September 2015, Pratt & Whitney looks to become an innovative force behind mature, adaptive engine technologies. If you require Pratt & Whitney aerospace or defense parts, ASAP AOG is your one-stop distribution center. A proprietary division of ASAP Semiconductor (a leading aerospace and electronics parts procurement resource), ASAP AOG specializes in both civil and military products. To browse our selection, visit or contact us at  for more information or to submit a quote.


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