Latest Innovations Increase Boeings Helicopter Strength

Boeing has created a new addition to the Chinook helicopters to increase its potential in lifting cargo along with other innovative features. This newest addition has been a has been made for the improvement of U.S Army aircraft. The innovations are known as the CH-47F Block II that is expected to increase the longevity of the aircraft all while creating jobs for the Philadelphia facility for an approximate 20 years to come. The Army’s contract is expected to be worth a total of 276 million which will fund the completion of 3 prototypes that the Army will be used for testing. As this is only the beginning of the long-term goal of 500 Chinook upgrades.

Changes to the existing model will take place to be able to add the Block II. An Enhanced drivetrain will be installed which will increase the rotation of the new innovative “swept-tip Advanced Chinook Rotor Blade.” In lue of the innovation, it will increase the lifting capability of further 1500 pounds per aircraft.

Another Significant change to the Chinook Helicopter to be able to apply the block II is the removal of fuel tanks. The Helicopter was manufactured with six original fuel tanks and will be changed to the total of two in replacement. This will allow for the helicopter to reduce its weight and carry more fuel to improve its agility and distance traveling.

According to Cargo Helicopter and program manager, H-47, Chuck Dabundo emphasizes the potential of the H-47s for being able to maintain its quality throughout the years.

Dabundo states, “this latest upgrade for the Chinook fleet is a tribute to the robustness of its original design and exemplifies its 55-year legacy of technological advancements.

With great pleasure, they are willing to provide for the military as they continue to receive a request for upgrades for this model of aircraft so heavily used by the Army and many other military divisions.  The innovations will commence in the year 2019 and are said to be completed by the year 2023.


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