Expansion Of Lion Air Group Is Well Underway

Lion Air Group has teamed up once again with BOEING to expand their fleet with 50 737 Max 10 aircrafts. The news of the commitment was announced at the 2017 Paris Air Show that took place June 17th through the 25th.  The estimated cost for this transaction has been said to be worth than more over 6.4 billion US dollars. As of today, Lion Air Group is the largest operator of 737 of the BOEING Next Generation with their previously ordered 201 aircrafts. Previously the first customer to purchase BOEINGS 737 MAX 9 models. Alongside with their subdivision Malaysia Airlines was also the first customer to purchase their even older model the 737 MAX 8.  

The Air Group has taken advantage of the of the 737 MAX 10 low per seat cost.  Lion Air to begin with is a low-cost airline that has over 79 routes throughout Indonesia, from Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. They have also ventured out into the Asian places such as Hong Kong, China, and Macau. The 737 Max model group is made with a single isle cabin which allows to be more cost efficient to both avenues.

Boeing is very pleased with the continuation of Lions Air business and their associates. According to Boeings Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Kevin McAllister,

"Boeing is honored that the 737 family of airplanes continues to play an integral role in the Lion Air Group's fleet and growth strategy," and continues to state that "This commitment is a testament to the capabilities of the 737 MAX family of airplanes and we look forward to delivering both the 737 MAX 9 and MAX 10 to them in the coming years.

The Lion Group is committed to bring the best possible flights for their customers with the latest innovation on the aircraft. Based on the MAX 10 which is equipped with “Advanced Technology winglets, Boeing Sky Interior, large flight deck displays, and other improvements to deliver the highest efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort in the single-aisle market” and another advanced engine technology.

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