Delta Secures an Airbus Contract that is sure to make them Billions

A few months ago, Delta secured a deal that placed them on the aviation map. They made a big purchase of one-hundred Airbus A321neo jets. This order made it so that 70% of their fleet was comprised of Airbuses. A new deal that was crafted with Pratt & Whitney means that Delta industries could be raking in billions because Pratt & Whitney has vowed to renovate engines on all models of the Airbus A320neo line, as well as on Bombardier CSeries jet engines.

The brand new A321neo jets with slowly be replacing Airbus A320’s, Bowing 757’s and MD-88 planes. A big draw for the switch was the fact that A321neos are much more fuel efficient, roughly 40% more efficient and they also can carry anywhere from forty to fifty more people than their previous planes. Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta, commented on how wonderful of a deal the company got from Airbus and Pratt & Whitney.

Bastian also stated that a huge draw towards the deal was the fact that Pratt & Whitney were on board with their offer to overhaul the engines as needed. Their contract with Pratt & Whitney guarantees repairs on around five-thousand turbofan engines over the next twenty-five years. They are expected to see financial growth rapidly increasing starting in 2020 and growing steadily from there. It is likely that this deal will shape how a lot of future aviation companies do business. When there are billions on the line, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

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