Bombardiers Private jet Global 7000 Flight Reinstated After Financial Setback

Bombardier released its prototype for testing of the Global 7000 private jet. They have been given the green light to finally going into an assembly in a Bombardier owned factory located in Toronto, Canada. The Global 7000 has been equipped with all the latest and greatest luxurious equipment and accessories. The first flight of the Global 7000 was in the year 2016 and have 2 other test aircraft underway. Along with the 2 aircraft, there are an additional 3 other test planes stationed in Wichita, Kansas. Already the 3-test plane has accumulated an approximate 500 hours’ worth of test flying.

Bombardier is confident that that completion of the test planes certification and test programs will be well underway to completion by the 2nd half of 2018.Not only is this aircraft a luxurious beauty but threat as well. It's competing against many other private jets on the market but especially Gulfstreams G650ER aircraft. The Global 7000 is equipped with General Electric Passport turbofan engines. These engines have the capability of reaching a maximum speed of MACH 0.925. Along with many other luxurious attributes, it also has the luxury of being very fuel efficient. The Global 7000 has the fuel efficiency to be able to fly without stops from destinations such as San Francisco to Sydney, Dubai to New York, and Singapore to London. It has been marked to be able to fly an approximate 13,600km.

The luxurious cabin is able to seat up 19 passengers with a transformable cabin space. Passengers can request the style of their cabins from lounge setting or a permanent sleeping station. To date, the Global 7000 is largest private jet on the market that its sole use is a private jet.


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