Bombardier hits Astounding mark for maintaining challenger arcrafts

In recent news Bombardier is pleased to say that they have hit a significant mark of repairs and maintenance through their company. Counting a remarkable 200 “heavy maintance” inspection on Challenger series air crafts throughout the course of 8 years. This outstanding accomplishment is a mile stone for the great success that the Bombardier company will and has always strived for. These innovative aircrafts have been chosen for their capability and endurance of performing missions and require to be maintained. As the Bombardier, has been around for years they have been able to complete a number of maintance on different type of models and aircrafts. The entire Bombardier fleet has been fortunate to accumulate an approximate 7.3 million hours in flight time and a have a recorded 4.3 million landings.

“The Canadian airframe boasts a global in-service fleet of 1,600 Challenger-series aircraft, which includes the large-cabin 600 – introduced in the late 1970s – and the 601, 604, 605 and 650, along with the super-midsize 300 and 350 and the CRJ200 regional jet-derived 850/890.”

Bombardiers maintance has been a key element to the longevity of many planes and airlines. Holding to what is known as a 96-month inspection which is referred to as “one of the most in-depth maintenance events in the aircrafts lifecycle.”  This inspection consists of a stringent procedure to inspect the airframe, structure, and the landing gear of the air crafts in that amount of time.

Bombardier has been a quality source to many large aircrafts and airlines over many years and continue to provide world class service. They have recently been able to expand and grow with new maintance centers across the globe such recently added in 2016 in China, Tianjin, and London Biggins Hill airport in the UK.

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