Boeing and the Moroccan Government Agree On a “Ecosystem” For a Better Tomorrow

Boeing carries an enormous presence in Morocco and has decided to extend to its neighbors. In recent news the Moroccan Government and Boeing have agreed to create a helping environment to extend the company through local distributors to what is referred to as an “ecosystem”.

Boeing is optd to share information with approximately 120 suppliers in their country to inform them of Moroccan government’s incentives. Experts have predicted that it will increase the Moroccan aeronautical exports by $1 billion dollars and create over a shocking 8,700 jobs in the industry.

To seal the agreement, the contract was signed in Morocco in the presence of Leaders of Boeing company and Leaders of the country.

“Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner and Moroccan minister of industry and trade Moulay Hafid Elalamy signed Tuesday’s agreement in the royal palace of Tangier in the presence of King Mohammed VI.”

Not yet put entirely into play Morroccan legislative elections are going to be held on October 6, 2016. In doing so Boeing displays the relative stability of the country even after the horrific events taken place during the ARAB SPRING revolution.

Contributing to Boeings great presence in the country they are also incorporated in a joint venture with the well-known Safran. Boeing feels very confident with their agreement and can provide some great new attributes to both parties.

“Boeing has had a strong relationship with Morocco for nearly 50 years, and we believe Morocco’s aerospace industry is well-positioned to support Boeing’s business needs related to our global supply chain.”

As a result of Morroccos geographical position it is great for close trading partners within the continent.

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