An Argument for Private Air Travel

There are some valid proponents and points made on the case for public and commercial aircraft travel. Some experts say that it is “better” for the environment or that it “produces less carbon emission” than if people were to use private air travel. Some yet claim that it is “elitist.” And while there may or may not be a semblance of reason to those points, here are some counterpoints that may well sway the opinion of the general public. In the case of public vs. private travel, there are many pros and many benefits that outweigh the few concerns and reservations that argue against it. Read on below for more information on private air travels and the different types of private air travel that are available.

Pros For Private Air Travel
Convenience - This is one of the more publicized and obvious pros for private air travel. While you have to endure long busy lines, suffocating crowds, and then having to be cramped up side to side with other peoples and their loveable rambunctious children, a private air experience offers an alternative route. In this route, you will not have to be subjected to such lines, as it’ll usually just be yourself or a very few people. You won’t have to go through a busy airport filled with people (some people who might be sick from cold or flu), instead you can just go to the private air company (or if you own the aircraft), just step out onto the runway. And most importantly, you won’t have to sit side by side with strangers who might riddle you with common aircraft tropes including the “colicky baby” or “stinky feet on your armchair.” With private air travel, you can avoid all of these issues and travel in solitude and comfort.
Better Quality of Service- Private air travel offers better quality of service because you are the sole determiner of what services are provided. When you go through commercial travel, you have to invest in a lot of research if you’re prioritizing service quality and doing this usually means sacrificing time to research and usually means you’ll be paying more out of pocket. Worst still, you may not get your money's worth. With private air travel, none of that is a problem, when your very first acquisition of services is transparent on what you are buying. Luxury furnishings, specialized attention to your needs by the flight attendants, plenty of space, and a customized menu to fulfill your appetite during a flight are just a few of the perks that come with private air travel.
Time - Other than money, one of the most important and valuable things that you can possess is time and when you have lots of time, you have lots of opportunity to do as you please, whether it’s simply to enjoy some relaxing time to yourself or to work closer to furthering your goals. Here is perhaps one of the hidden perks to using private aircraft travel: it provides you with time that you might have lost in commercial air travel. It’s extremely distracting and near impossible to get any work done on a flight filled with people talking everywhere, attendants walking up and down the aisle, which is why a specialized and private way to travel is better for getting work done. Work calls are virtually impossible unless you goal is to upset as many people as possible in commercial travel scenarios but in a private aircraft, you can have as many work meetings as you need,
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