AirSprint Inc. Takes Delivery of Citation CJ3

Earlier this week, the Cessna Aircraft Company delivered a Canadian registered CJ3 to fractional operator AirSprint Inc. The company is a subsidiary of Textron Aviation Inc. and the Cessna’s Citation series jets are the most popular line of business jets in the history of the company with over 7000 jets designed, manufactured, and delivered to their loyal customer base all across the globe. Textron Aviation companies which include Cessna Aircraft Company and Beechcraft Corporation are amongst the industry leaders and are the gold-standard when it comes to being the general aviation authority.

Citation jets are the largest fleet of business jets on Earth and have logged over 30 million hours of flight since their inception. The Citation CJ3+ is a single-pilot jet fitted with G3000 avionics and high-speed internet capabilities boasting best-in-class acquisition/operating costs. Delivering exceptional performance and efficiency, the CJ3+ is designed for up to nine passengers and over 1,000 pounds of baggage capacity making it one of the best utility aircraft in its class. Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AirSprint Inc. Kriya Shortt believes that the CJ3+ is an ideal addition to the AirSprint fleet due to the combination of short field capabilities, impeccable range, economical operating costs and armed with the latest and greatest in avionics such as the Garmin 3000 flight deck.

The CJ series aircraft is already extremely popular for Canadian operators with more than 150 Cessna Citation light jets scaling the skies of the region. AirSprint handles the largest fractional fleet of private aircrafts in the Canadian region and serves customers coast-to-coast including but not limited to Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and the Maritimes.

The company offers the Cessna Citation XL/XLS, CJ2+ and now the CJ3+. James Elian, the president and COO of AirSprint sees the CJ3+ as a natural extension of their CJ2+ aircraft fleet and believes that fractional owners will be very receptive to the CJ3+ which offers the efficiency and comfort of the CJ2+ but with the extended range. The CJ3+ will provide yet another excellent cost-effective option to travel non-stop to more North American locations in addition to the over 5000 light jets offered by Cessna in service today.

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