AgustaWestland Builds First Civilian Tiltrotor

Moving away from the norm, AgustaWestland plans to release the AW609, one of the first commercial tilt-rotor, vertical take-off helicopters. Previously, the V-22 Osprey comprised as the primary rotor aircraft for military use. In addition to the AW609’s vertical takeoff capabilities, this machine shares the qualities of both a fixed-wing airplane and a helicopter. With its de-icing system, heated composite blades, pressurized cabin, and fly-by-wire flight control system, this aircraft has increased capability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The AW609 can fly at a maximum speed of 510 km/h with a maximum range of 1389 km-2036 km. However, the nine-seat interior and soundproof cabin makes this helicopter more tailored for private and commercial operators.

Further plans for the AW609 include search-and-rescue missions during natural disasters and other emergency operations, including in offshore and remote areas. Private and public hospitals may also take advantage of these vertical take-off and landing aircrafts for patient and organ transfer. The aircraft is also planned to be used for surveillance operations, traffic control, immigration patrol, training, and many other operations. The AW609’s design is based on the V-22 Osprey. The latter was produced through a joint venture between Bell and Boeing for military operations. Similar to this aircraft, the BA609 prototype was first flown in 2003 in Texas.

By 2011, AgustaWestland had full ownership over Bell’s share of the program, including technologies used in the V-22. Since its founding year in 2000, AgustaWestland has been a rising helicopter manufacturing and design company. Twelve years later, they signed a teaming agreement with Northrop Grumman for a series of U.S. Air Force Combat Rescue helicopters. Following these years, AgustaWestland has grown with more than 13,050 employees and an average yearly revenue of USD$4.243 million. Via our proprietary website ASAP AOG Services, ASAP Semiconductor offers wide variety of AgustaWestland products. Prospective customers can browse our inclusive inventory of hard-to-find obsolete and current AgustaWestland parts at If you are interested in a part, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at or (714) 705-4780 for a quote.


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